Why price band is a brilliant idea for FUT 16?

fut16coin Date: Jun/06/15 00:21:35 Views: 17

FUT 16 probabilities IF price band stays & issues are fixed MUST READ


1) There will be no trainers/bots/autobuyers.

2) There will be no coin sellers.

3) Only way to earn coins will be by playing matches.

4) EA wants Ronaldo/Messi to be around 1 million mark to limit the gap between a Bale & a Ronaldo. 

5) This would mean every player is affordable to everyone who plays the game. The more you play, the better players you get. 

6) You get tired of Ronaldo, you sell him for a million & buy Robben to try him out. You can't have both unless you are playing 24 hours everyday. 

7) If you are too impatient, buy packs & try your luck. Gamble.

8) Don't have time to play? Buy fifa points & try your luck.

9) It becomes a level playing field with proper competition among players.

10) People used to complain about the differences between the players who bought coins & had a brilliant team VS the players who never bought coins/traded their way to a great team. That comes to an end.


FUT 16 signals a re-birth of Fifa Ultimate Team where the emphasis is on playing the game rather than on trading. What's the point in trading to 30 million FUT 16 coins when you are not playing the game at all? This isn't the share market where you are flaunting your profits. What you should flaunt about is your record & how much effort you put in to build your dream team. That is what the game is all about.


This is how it should have been. People misused FUT.