What You Need to Know about FIFA 17 Web App

fut16coin Date: Sep/20/16 23:16:18 Views: 25

FIFA 17 Web App is expected to be released on September 20th. In this page, what the usage of Web App and some points you need pay attention will be talked about.


FUT Web App is an online extension of FIFA 17's in game mode, the Ultimate Team. You can do everything except for playing with your FUT Team. With Web App, you can trade FUT cards, buy and open FUT packs; buy FIFA points; share your squad with your friends; check the TOTW, TOTS and TOTY; use and test chemistry style; of course, you can receive daily gift once you have opened your Web App and pick up yours at 12am (UK time) every day.


When game players start FUT, they always get some problems, there are some points you need pay attention below.


1. The Web App could be crashed for the servers are overloaded sometimes, when it happens, you can try to clean the cache of your browser and acesss through other browsers. You have to wait when this method doesn't work.


2. FIFA points are only available when the game is released, excluding the EA access subscribers who can buy before the release. You can buy FIFA points through the PC accounts when the game is released. Of course, FIFA points you buy on PC can also be used on Web App.


3. You can access Web App for free on the basis of the you have bought the game. If you have the access, and the access doesn't work anymore, which means you have to buy the game and play.


4. As to choose FUT Web App or Companion App, both two are used for accessing ultimate team. The Web App for computer with an installed flash. And you can use FUT draft. The Companion App is available on Android, IOS and PC. 


5. If you have played FUT 16 before you plan to play FIFA 17, the market's early access will be available. First verify your FIFA 17 account in the console to unlock the market and wait. But you have to understand that playing FUT 16 doesn't give you FUT 17 account access to the market.


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