What You Need to Know about FIFA 17 The Journey

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As we all know that The Journey is new addition to FIFA 17, in which you play as a rising star Alex Hunter, your performances on the pitch and decisions away from the action all have a direct influence on the evolution of your career, as well as your relations with your coach, teammates and supporters. In this page, we will talk about something about that you care when you start to play the game.


Here are questions and answers about The Journey, so that you can know something else. 


What do you do in The Journey?

The Journey involves a combination of training exercises, matches, conversations, and cutscenes, with a bit of Twitter feed checking thrown in. You'll play roughly 50-50 between training and matches while conversations only happen occasionally.


What clubs can you play? 

You have the choice of any Premier League club to play for. Those 20 English teams, plus three in the Championship (Aston Villa, Newcastle United, or Norwich City), are the only ones you can play for. 


How long is The Journey?

The Journey lasts around 16 hours at most, which includes performing each training session and match manually without simulating anything, and achieving the longest possible story arc.


Can Alex Hunter improve with time going?

As you train and perform well in matches, Hunter's individual attributes like Short Passing, Finishing, etc. Thus his Overall rating will gradually increase. Each time your overall rating goes up a level, you'll also receive a number of Skill Points to spend on individual Traits. Unlocking one of these will either increase a particular attribute by a few levels, or grant you a Trait much like those on standard players, like Swerve Passing or five star Skill Moves.


Can you get injured in The Journey, and what happens if you do? 

You can get injured, however it never actually rules you out for a game. If you pick up a knock in a match - we picked up two over the whole season - you'll get one of a selection of pre-made cutscenes with the physio and coach, who tell you RICE (rest-ice-compress-elevate) and learn to 'run clever'. As far as we know it has no bearing on the story, and is just a nice touch of semi-realism.


What rewards are there for playing The Journey?

The Journey offers players a handful of rewards, which are earned simply by playing through the story. You'll receive a random FUT Loan Player over a certain Overall rating up to five times, at different story milestones, which range up to a minimum rating of 87 Overall. If you finish The Journey you'll receive an Alex Hunter Ultimate Team card, which is permanent and tailored according to your own Alex Hunter's progress.


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