Tips to Play FIFA 17 Early Access on more than One Account

fut16coin Date: Sep/26/16 21:50:56 Views: 36

People reflected on youtube and twitter that, they were trying to play on another account with EA access after their 10 hour trial has expired. So in this page, the suggestion from reddit user is provided to help you.


Here are tips:


1. Make sure your second account has EAaccess purchased. You need to have it purchased on any account you want the 10 hour trial on. Just having it purchased on your console isn't good enough unfortunately.


2. Make sure to sign out of every account except for the one you want to begin your trial with. 


3. When signed into your account, go to the EA access hub and go to FIFA17 and click "view in store" (or go directly to FIFA17 page on the store) and it should say "Play" and then beside that it should say "Free Trial*"


4. Click on free trial and wait a few seconds until it disappears and then click play and it should be good to go.


5. Main account ran out of hours. Never exited or quit game. Bought EA access on secondary account and use the profile permissions of the secondary account to relaunch the game. It only works if you're still signed into your mains profile when you're kicked after trial time ends. That means you can't quit the game or launch the game from a different account. Once you're signed out of the active profile there is no way to get back in.


In terms the effectives, someone reflects that didn't work. Maybe you could have a try. If the tips work, you'll gonna have much time to play. There are just 2 days away the release of FIFA 17 in North America. For most fans, they must be very excited to see. If you need FIFA 17 coins when you are in the game, we website offer you a big sale - cheap FIFA 17 coins. Don't worry about, we'll deliver your orders within few minutes once you've ordered. When you have problems, we'll help you out. Click our website to see more!