The Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

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The FIFA season has started and this is the time for you to boost your team. It doesn't matter if you are playing FIFA 16 career mode or FUT 16, your team needs a good goalkeeper.


We have made it easy for you as we have here a list of the top 10 goalkeepers in FIFA 16.


10. Roman Weidenfeller


Overall Rating: 83

Best attribute: 85 rating in Positioning

Weidenfeller has been one of the most consistent goalkeepers for Dortmund. With game saving reflexes, which was vital for his club in the latter phase of the season, the Germany international definitely makes it into our top 10 list.


9. Diego Lopez


Overall Rating: 83

Best attribute: 88 rating in Handling

The AC Milan goalkeeper has been very profound for his club this season. He has been able to save plenty, including in one on one situations, which is why his stats in FIFA 16 have been boosted.


8. Petr Cech


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 83 in Reflexes and Handling

The former Chelsea man still has a lot of top class goalkeeping left in him. And, this is the reason why Arsenal signed Cech. He is going to be famous with fans of both London clubs in FIFA 16 (more likely among Arsenal supporters) as he remains one of the best goalkeepers in England.


7. Joe Hart 


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 84 rating in Kicking

Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart had a pretty successful season despite his team's underwhelming performances. He made some game changing saves, which helped secure a Champions League spot for his club. He is already popular among English gamers.


6. Hugo Lloris


Overall Rating: 84

Best attribute: 87 rating in Positioning

Hugo Lloris is one of the most consistent goalkeepers playing in the Premier League. The French goalstopper has the same rating he had in the previous version of the game.


5. Gianluigi Buffon


Overall Rating: 85

Best attribute: 88 rating in Diving

The Juventus legend is certainly ageing, but that does not stop him from being at his absolute best. He is definitely going to be popular among Italian FIFA players.


4. Claudio Bravo


Overall Rating: 85

Best attribute: 88 in Reflexes

Bravo won the treble with Barcelona and Copa America with Chile making him the most successful goalkeeper this year. All this success has helped his FIFA 16 stats as he is boosted to 85 from 81.


3. Thibaut Courtois


Overall Rating: 86

Best attribute: 90 rating in Reflexes

The Chelsea custodian is definitely one of the best in England. Courtois can develop into the world's best if he continues to perform this well again next season. He is probably going to be the most bought player in the FUT 16.


2. David De Gea


Overall Rating: 86

Best attribute: 89 rating in Reflexes

De Gea has been Manchester United's best player this season, so no wonder Real Madrid desperately want him. We have seen his rating boost from 83 to 86 as he holds insane stats for reflexes and kicking.


1. Manuel Neuer


Overall Rating: 90

Best attribute: 92 rating in Kicking

The World Cup winner and Ballon d'Or nominee is definitely the best keeper in FIFA 16. Neuer has pulled up some insane saves this year which has resulted in his rating boost to 90 from 88.


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