The Official Global FIFA 16 Cover

fut16coin Date: Jul/07/15 21:11:47 Views: 31

EA Sports has unveiled the global FIFA 16 cover. And guess what? Lionel Messi is there! Again…


With no surprises, the Barcelona's player makes an appearance in the new cover of the new FIFA. Messi, that have lost the Copa America final, made his first appearance in FIFA Street 12 cover. He was in FIFA 13, FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 cover too.


This cover, that was revealed on EA Sports FIFA Twitter page and EA Sports FIFA Facebook page, is the same for third-gen consoles and fourth-gen consoles. The only difference is the colour of '16' in the logo. It is yellow in the platforms powered by the Ignite motor engine (PC, Playstation 4 and XBox One) and red in Playstation 3 and XBox 360. The special edition DeLuxe is also very similar with the standard one that we show you below.


The major changes will take place in the International covers. As it happened in last years, some countries will release FIFA 16 with a special cover. Messi will be not alone in those covers: he will be joined by popular players of these countries. Unlike what happened in previous years, in FIFA 16 it will be the community to choose who will join Messi in the international covers. For the first time in franchise history, EA Sports is giving fans the opportunity to put their favourite player on the front of the FIFA 16 cover from Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. It isn't official but there are good chances to have also some special covers in North America, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, Poland and Colombia.


FIFA 16 will have too custom club covers. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Sevilla, Real Bétis, Valência, Olympique Marseille, Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain and eight clubs of Barclays Premier League are some of the clubs with good chances to have a FIFA 16 custom cover.


Let's see the Official Global FIFA 16 Cover for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One and XBox 360:


FIFA 16 cover