The Gap Between Ideal and Reality on FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jun/30/15 21:18:33 Views: 21

FIFA 16 was finally announced on this week's E3. Has the game actually changed? Only a demo game play could in fact answer this question, right? Although, so far, the propaganda surrounding the product hasn't really thrilled me. Every year the series is promoted brilliantly, but the shot always goes wide during the game. For the most experienced in FUT and after seeing one of the worst editions, if not the worst of all, nothing is impossible when it comes to Ultimate Team.


The new celebrations might even represent a revolutionary feature for some new users, but the won't ever be that easily fooled. We've spent all FIFA 15 being constantly knocked-out and EA's mission to introduce us to an excellent FIFA 16 won't be that hard after what we've seen in the current edition.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Every year trailers cause the same excitement, different names for the same mechanisms here and one or two new features there. Whether the game play has changed or not we'll only get to see that when the demo comes out, though even then it's best to wait for feedback on the full version. Don't let your dark side take over and make you want to play FIFA 16 that badly just because of the club updates. You can always wait a little bit more to play with Pogba, Tévez and Firmino in the BPL. Or maybe not?


You know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover, right? But I most certainly will! For the first time in the history of EA, users will get to choose who will be joining Messi on the cover. Neymar (he's on PES, I know), Suárez, Hazard, Reus and many other very well-known names aren't even in the vote list. Relax, because, fortunately, we haven't got options such as Ibarbo and Doumbia, but Courtois, Cuadrado and Lacazette to make it up to the terrible remaining choices. Still, for now, these players are being remembered for their recent appearances, unlike what happens in Messi's case, his geniality. All this might revolve around contractual matters, which I'm not aware of, but, please, just fire the employee who selected these players already. There isn't one single Brazilian player available for the spot. They forgot one option: I don't want any of the players listed above featured on the cover. I'm done with this, I didn't vote for anyone!




Messi is already one of the best players of all times, but Konami knows best when it comes to making the most 'pop' cover. The concurrence, PES, won and lost one point at the same time with me. How does that even work? Neymar on the cover and an interesting trailer got me excited for a moment, but revealed some negative points the series had already been familiar with. Remember the "bailando robot"? It should be, unfortunately, what you'd call the players' performance on PES. When I first watched the trailer I even thought my cellphone's screen was extra bright, but no, Njr11 literally made Konami go bright. It seems to me that FIFA's game play will be better than PES's. That's right, FUT16COIN user, it looks like it's gonna be one more year of dominance by EA.


Testing FIFA 16 is one thing. Testing FUT 16 is another entirely different thing. Agree? If you play both game modes you're most certainly aware of the game play difference. This edition's offline mode is the thing that's "closest' to what we'd wish for. Even kick-off gives away a good impression. It's a trap! I've seen users's comments of excitement all over due to some supposed tests that were made by well-known people in the FUT world. I'll say this one more time, everyone's got a different initial personal experience with the game, so wait for the right time!


Remember the first new feature FIFA 16 presented? Women's national teams are in the spotlight this year, a historic fact in the video game world. Why not? Don't forget there are women who play virtual football too, including FUT. And why wouldn't they? Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were only able to play FIFA with female players? Just a quick mind exercise to start off my explanation on why I support this new feature. When I say a product's quality reflects its customers (see images below) I mean we're still a thousand miles away from having an excellent FIFA.


fifa 16 women-1fifa 16 women-2fifa 16 women-3


Another "technology" that gained repercussion this year was FIFA Trainer. Or else it already existed implicitly and it's only just now been given a name? We've talked about manipulation since FIFA 1900's something, in fact, if there's anything I gained in this edition it wasn't special cards, but patience and self control. Since it's never too late to reinforce our wish list, here's what you brilliant experts should be paying attention to:


Speed; There are speedsters in football, but of course none such as Usain Bolt (unless we're talking about Aubameyand, of course). We want quality passing, one-twos, dribbling and triangulation as the key ingredient, not constant pace abuse.


Cheats; it's impossible to play on PC these days. FUT 15's on line seasons division 1 is just impracticable. You could see how bad it looks in the previous article, there are several variables that need to be taken care of before the problem at least becomes solvable. This is in fact something that bothers me and makes me think twice before buying the next edition.


Transfer Market; Stable servers and, since we were used as lab rats on FIFA 15, don't let the players' prices change from day to night on the next edition and please give us a logic or at least plausible explanation for such "variable fixed prices". That's really complicated!


The Community's Feedback; EA are a privileged company and they don't know about it (or don't want to). Boy, how I wanted to own a company and have such excellent clients back me up all the time. Profit, profit and more profit, and a bit more profit too!


There are already different editions available for pre-order on PC. Deluxe and Super Deluxe are the names of the moment. Free packs, player loans, specific celebrations and new resources won't make a difference in your career as a manager in case you buy the pre-order. But that'll be the subject for next time. If you want to start your Saturday saving some money, don't pre-order FIFA 16!