The FIFA 16 Stadiums Thread

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Notice: FIFA 16 Full Stadium List Revealed (03/08/2015)


The Fifa 16 Stadiums Thread will be about current and new stadiums for Fifa 16. We can discuss what stadiums ea should add or wich ones should be updated. I'll update the opening post from time to time if its needed.

Confirmed new stadiums for Fifa 16 so far:
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- scoreboards inside the stadiums are generic and look not like the real ones.
- led adboards should be added
- more individual decoration around the stadium
- bring back the tunnel view before the game at half time or even after the game
- stadium exterieur is good but its unrealistic its shown that often. In reality you see the stadiums from a heli cam only before big and important games.
- Surroundings of the stadiums are mostly 2d wich is poor on todays hardware.
- 3d instead of 2d stairs in the stadiums
- Lightning and shadows in the most stadiums have to be redone since the sun seems to have a wrong position.
- A lot of stadia still look grey and lifeless (upper tiers of the Nou Camp, Wembley etc)


Allianz Arena:


Allianz Arena


- Blue and White Stadium illumination needs to be added for 1860 München and Germany.
- Wrong Player entrance, instead of using the tunnel like they should do they're coming to the pitch from the corner flag.
- The Allianz Arena Sign outside on the stadium has the wrong color at daytime. It should be blue instead of white.
- The Allianz Arena Sign outside on the stadium has different coloured edging at night for "Allianz Ar" and "ena".
- The Shadows on the pitch are not the best, as there should be small lines of light on the pitch depending on time of the day.
- At night matches it looks from the inside of the stadium like it is day outside. What shines through the roof should be darker with small amount of red,blue or white light depending on wich color the stadium is illuminated.
Veltins Arena
- The walls around the pitch should be blue instead of grey
- Entrence Area needs update
Volksparkstadion/ Imtech Arena 
-The space between the pitch and the stands is to big
-The pavement between the pitch and the stands should have a different colour. Its not red in reality.

Amsterdam Arena:

- Benches have the wrong format
- There have been a few rows of seats added in the front in real life but not in fifa.
- ...

Goodison Park:

- Camera Position on the wrong side of the pitch
- Since the 14/15 Season there are additional floodlights on the roof of both sides behind the goals but not updated in fifa yet
- The front of the upper tier of the Gwladys street end is no longer covered by boards. The original Archibald Leitch framework is now exposed
White Heart Lane:
- Camera Position on the wrong side of the pitch
St.James Park:
- The Gap between the stands and the pitch isnt correct
Emirates Stadium:
- The print for the 2014 FA Cup Trophy hasnt been added
- The famous Highbury Clock has no watch hands
- There's no directors Box in the game
- No seats in the third stand
- wrong positioning of the benches
- players tunnel is to short in the game
Old Trafford:
- Multiple scoreboards with black screens in the game
- The "OLD TRAFFORD MANCHESTER" Lettering on the roof is missing
- The roof should not be fully transparent
- In both corners of the "Alex Furguson Stand" the Sky from outside is visible in the game but is not in real life.
Etihad Stadium:
- LED Adboards above the lower stand is missing
- Additional stands when they're finished in real life
- LEDboards on the 2nd floor
- Etihad has blue LED lighting inside it's roof and boxes for night games.
Liberty Stadium:
- Two LED-screens not added
Villa Park:
- Benches have wrong design and placement
Selhurst Park:
- Entrance scene is correct. But They go to incorrect entrance in half time and full time.
Wembley Stadium
- Led adboards between the stands should be added like in real life
- Bigger led screen as the one in fifa is way to small
- The adjustable "roof" is usually closed in real life football matches but not in fifa
- The adboards behind the sidelines should be curved like the stadium and not straight like in fifa.

Parc de Princes:
- Huge gap between the pitch and adboards needs to be fixed
- Stadium decoration on the roof is missing
- Circular LEDboards, LEDboards on the 2nd floor too
- LEDboards are too far from the nets
- The public is too far from the pitch too.
- blue decoration behind LEDboards like the Signal Iduna Park since FIFA 15

Santiago Bernabeu:
-Missing scoreboard above the lower stand on the middle of the pitch at north and south stand.
Camp Nou:
- Missing scoreboard in East and West stand
- blue and red decorations all around the stadium
Mestella :
- Black decorations all around the stadium
- red stairs in the upper stands

Juventus Stadium
- The sun should shine particularly through the roof, as the roof has small transparent parts
- The wall under the first row of seats should be black and white not all black.
- In addition to that the wall is too high in the game. In real life its about half as high.
Stadio Olimpico
- The Track around the pitch should be green
- The adboards behind the goal are to far away
- 2nd row of led adboard behind the goal is missing in fifa
- Seating structure doesnt reflect the original one.


-Promoted Teams (maybe Bournemouth, Watford, Middlesbrough,...)

-Stade Vélodrome (Olympique Marseille)

-Commerzbank Arena (Eintracht Frankfurt)
-BayArena (Bayer Leverkusen)
-Borussia-Park Stadion (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

-Estadio do Dragao (FC Porto)
-Estadio da Luz (Benfica Lissabon)
-Estadio Municipal de Braga (Sporting Braga)

-Otkrytije Arena (Spartak Moskau)

-Ibrox Stadium (Glasgow Rangers)
-Celtic Park (Celtic Glasgow)

-BBVA Bancomer (C.F.Monterrey)