The 5 Biggest (Realistic) Fixes for FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: May/21/15 22:01:10 Views: 23

1. Fix several broken player control functions
Player Switching Response
For starters, the switching in this game needs a massive overhaul. At the minute it's a massive chore to switch players both with LB or with the right stick; one of the greatest examples of this is on clearances from the box. A lot of the time it will be cleared near to one of my players in the air with plenty of time to get under it; during the time I can usually mash LB or press the right stick however many times I want and I will never get the right player. To make matters worse the AI will make that player watch as the ball drifts to the opposite team, leaving you open to a counter, or a continuation of the attack, depending on which side of the pitch it is. This also happens during crosses and corners. It is completely my belief that one of the reasons that speed dribbling/running across the backline can be so OP is that sometimes a combination of the time it takes to select a player and the idiotic movement of the AI(who in this situation drift toward the side of the pitch the winger is coming from, rather than just standing firm and letting him run into them) means it just let's a winger run into your box for a free goal. If the switching players was snappy and responsive as it should be, this would be much easier to deal with, as selecting the wrong player at the wrong time inadvertedly can= GOAL.

2. Manual Switching
Also, I play with Manual settings, yet there's certain situations where the AI decides to switch me automatically, at random. I understand this if I'm going to get the ball(although in an ideal world, make me select that player manually too, it's MANUAL), but sometimes i will be defending a dribbler, and he will do a trick, suddenly it switches me to my other CB, now my other CB will usually just be instantly beat by the follow-up, meaning I now am 1v1 rather than containing the dribbler. Please EA, it's manual for a reason.

3. Goalkeeper control and AI
Another broken function I'd like to mention is the Goalkeeper controls. There's a YY press that theoretically tells your keeper to stay in goal. This is great if your opponent is going to chip you, but it needs to be improved to actually keep your goalie in net, no matter what. When an opponent breaks through I hit this in the hope that he won't just aimlessly come out halfway, letting the opponent take a touch past to the near post and finish easy. But nope, he always does. Again, this is in the game for a reason, please let me use it, even if it's stupid and a goalie will then have 0 angle to stop a cross post shot. Most people just use the near post cheese in 1v1s and it's bloody stupid and annoying when the keeper just comes out and let's him do it all the time.

4. Long shot balance
They need to repair the "shot hot boxes" that exist throughout the pitch. Right now it's WAY too easy to hit long shots with pretty much any decent player consistently. About 30yards out, lined up with the edge of the box on the outside foot, 2-3 bars of power depending on the player? Goal every time. I should not be able to consistently do that 1-2 times a game, every game. It really takes away from the special feel of scoring long shots that existed in previous FIFA's when you can score them more consistently than you can score headers(like really?). On that note, I know last year was a header fest and no one wants that back, but can we please have some reasonable balance?

5. Improve player 1st touch
They really need to improve the functions of the right stick when controlling the ball. So many times I will make a break pass, but my player will just fail to control the ball for an eternity, which turns a great opening into him being tackled. Players can just lack acceleration despite the fact you hammer the right stick for the big touch, they will do a little juggle touch and stew in their own misery. Also, how many people have been dicked over by a slow *** pass being completely mis-controlled, and the ball bounces away from them completely? This is a fairly low priority fix IMO but still deserving of a re-work. Atleast let agile, great ball control players have those explosive, impressive first touches like they do in real life.