Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in FIFA 16

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It has been a few weeks since the release of FIFA 16 and I assume you’re starting to feel more comfortable in your virtual football world? You have mastered the new gameplay, found your ideal formation and you’re starting to pick up results like Jose Mourinho used to?

Good. But your work is not done.

It’s time to raise your game from competent to legit and start experimenting with some of the hidden features that EA Sports have embedded into their latest release. These secret gems are guaranteed to take your gaming status right up to baller-level and are bound to impress your mates.

These rare hints, cheats, skill moves and celebrations will fill your fingers with Cristiano Ronaldo’s flair and confidence and they will add another dimension to your FIFA experience.

10. Hidden Speed Boost


FIFA 16 matchplay is evidently slower than previous versions but EA Sports have included a hidden speed boost on the latest release to increase the tempo of your players’ runs. The feature can add more dynamism to your attacks and is a welcome addition to the game as it means you can exploit slower defenders and really take advantage of your quicker players.

This move should be used predominantly on the wings as if you use it in the narrow areas of the pitch you can get tackled and offer the opposition a chance to counter. To execute the move simply double flick the right analog stick in the direction where you want your player to boost. It’s very easy but so efficient and a lot better than it was in FIFA 15. If you have the space on the counter attack then it gives the defender no chance of catching you as it gives your attacker a huge increase in speed. The other option is to flick the right-stick in the direction you’re facing and this will give you a chance of beating a defender even if you’re not running a great speed as it will confuse AI players or your friends.

9. Rabona Shot


Who doesn’t love a ‘Rabona’ skill move? When Tottenham’s Erik Lamela scored against Asteras Tripolis in 2014 with the aforementioned flamboyant skill trick it opened up a whole new ball game. The Argentinian scored a ‘rabona’ goal from outside the box, by wrapping his foot around the outside of the other to produce a curling shot.

As soon as the move became popular, FIFA 16 have incorporated it into their game and it’s brilliant. To perform the shot simply hold L2 + Circle and L (Playstation) or LT + B + LS (Xbox) and elevate yourself to gangster-level.

8. Score From Crosses (Almost Every Time)


The crossing on FIFA 15 was vastly improved and gifted gamers with big goal-scoring opportunities if you got yourself into strong wide areas. On FIFA 16 the crossing has been improved once more but is overpowered and now it’s easier to land the ball right onto your strikers’ head without much concentration.

For some reason, you’re now able to almost (or actually) score every time you swing a ball into the area if you use a certain technique.The goalkeepers are partial to come and collect any looping crosses on this year’s game but you can turn this into your advantage also. There are three different types of crosses, the standard cross, the near-post and the one along the ground.


Standard Cross – Always aim for the back post and perform a rainbow effect with the left-analogue stick to alter the direction of the cross and put some swerve on it. The keeper does not come and collect the ball and the defenders will not reach it.

Near Post Cross – Simply double tap the cross button which should be X on Xbox or square on PlayStation. Now all you have to remember with the near-post cross is you should always face the player you are going to whip the ball into.

Grass-Cutter Cross – You must triple tap the cross button for this style of cross to work. You should only use this when the attacker is either in front but still onside, or about to get in front of his centre-backs. If the forward gets there he won’t miss.

7. Fake Rabona Skill Move


How to perform it: (Playstation) Hold L2, press square and then X. (Xbox) Hold LT, press X, then A.

The fake ‘Rabona’ skill move is a great way of beating a defender and checking back inside to get a shot on goal. Your player will shape to execute a normal rabona shot or pass (as seen in point nine of this article) but rather than kick the ball forward they will simply control the ball and move off in a different direction. The move is a great way to create space for yourself and time to drive forward or pick out a through ball.

6. Score From Corner Glitch


Here is one of the easiest way to score goals on FIFA 16.

Once you’re ready to take a corner, press down on the directional button twice and this will bring up your set piece tactical method up and from there you will be able to select the ‘near post’ method. Wait a few seconds after doing this so that all the attacking players rearrange their positions and then you’re ready to swing the ball into the box.

You should aim the ball towards the penalty spot and use about one and a half bars of power (any more and the keeper will claim the ball). Now as you cross the ball hold down the LT button (Xbox) or L2 button (Playstation) and you will be able to take control of the player that the ball is going towards. Move the player as close as you can towards the yellow target and you should be able to get a strong header that the goalkeeper will struggle to save.

Warning. If the opposition have a player on the line then make sure that you aim for the opposite corner.

5. Celebrate To Camera


Firstly you have to score a goal. That’s the hard bit.

Afterwards though, you can run towards the cameraman and watch your player celebrate up close. You can also pick a teammate who is on the bench and choose to celebrate with them on FIFA 16.

4. How To Take A Rabona Free-Kick


Ok, firstly you must select Cristiano Ronaldo, therefore you must be Real Madrid.

Only attempt this free kick if you’re just outside the penalty area (nothing further than two foot away) and extremely central. Then you should aim to the left hand corner and tap X (Xbox) or square (Playstation) and hold the L button.

3. Three Tap Shot


This is probably the most simple but crucial thing to know on FIFA 16. To perform the triple tap shot you just simply have to tap the shoot button three times in a row. Seriously, that is all you have do.

When you’re presented with a one-on-one opportunity you don’t miss the target and the goalkeepers never get near your shots. The shot will be driven low so make sure you aim for the bottom corner. It works well because the ball will stay along the ground and underneath the keeper and it perfect when you get into those breakaway situations.

2. Pinpoint Passing


By pressing RB+A for Xbox, R1 + X for PlayStation whenever you make a pass, the ball will zip across the pitch at a rapid pace. By using this modifier, pro players will be able to squeeze the ball through the tightest of gaps and through to their striker, cutting the defence to pieces.

Be warned though, unless the player you’re passing to has exceptional control (i.e Messi or Ronaldo) he could struggle to trap the ball and need to take an extra touch.

1. No Touch Dribbling


FIFA 16’s new dribble control system gives the user more freedom to drive forward at the oppositions’ defence and genuinely out think them and it really provides an effective way of dribbling past defenders.

You can now decide when your player decides to touch the ball and therefore fake a left or right movement that will throw your opponent off balance and allow you to dance round them in true Lionel Messi (who developed the feature using motion capture) fashion. If you manage to get the ball out wide and have your inside forward cutting inside against your oppositions’ left or right back then the move can be a devastating way of leaving the defender for dust and getting a cross in or going for goal.

To trigger ‘No Touch Dribbling’, simply press and hold the L1/LB button on your controller. Once pressed, the player with possession of the ball will momentarily step away from it to create a bit of space. From there, by flicking the left analog in different angles, the player in possession of the ball will either shift his body in that particular direction or twist his ankle in the hopes of tricking the defender. If timed correctly, it can easily misdirect the defender into going one way while the player with the ball goes the other.