Stadium Creator in FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jul/02/15 02:00:34 Views: 29

I am not the only one who would've liked to see a stadium creator in FIFA. EA Sports didn't announce a stadium creator in FIFA 15 at E3, so I doubt there will be one in it. However, I'm still hoping for one in a future FIFA. Here is a list of features that I think would make a great stadium creator, followed by explanations of each one. 


1. Select stadium size 

2. Toggle track 

3. Select pitch size 

4. Select stadium style 

5. Select goal net type 

6. Select number of tiers 

7. Toggle fences 

8. Select top tier style 

9. Select roof type 

10. Select lighting type 

11. Select entrance type 

12. Designate away section 

13. Choose seated or standing sections 

14. Select dugout style 

15. Name stadium 

16. Name stands 

17. Place banners 

18. Select stadium location 

19. Change colours 

20. (At a push) Select exterior style 


1. This is pretty self explanatory. There would be five or six different sizes to choose from, ranging from small to giant. 


2. Choose whether or not you want a track around the pitch. 


3. Increase or decrease the amount of space between the playing zone and the stands. 


4. Choose the kind of stadium you wish to create. There would be options such as 'Rectangle Closed Corners', 'Rectangle Open Corners', 'Rectangle Dynamic' (Choose which corners are open), 'Oval' and 'Circle'. 


5. Choose between triangle and square shape, then choose whether you want the bottom to be attached to the ground or weighted. 


6. Self explanatory. Each stand would be independent. 


7. Choose whether or not fences would be behind the goals to protect the fans. 


8. Choose the style of the top tiers. Examples would be flat, rounded (like at the Emirates Stadium), or another kind that I can't think of. 


9. Choose the style of roof to be placed on the stadium. No roof would be an option. 


10. Choose the placement of lights (On top of the roof, in the corners or in the roof), then the style of the lights. 


11. Choose the type of entrance for the players and officials. Examples of different kinds would be: 

Classic (Tunnel) 

Split Stairways (See Schalke's Veltins Arena) 

Corner Entrance (See Manchester United's Old Trafford) 

Ground Entrance (See Boca Juniors' La Bombonera) 

Lowered Entrance (See Barcelona's Camp Nou) 


12. Choose where the away fans sit. 


13. Designate whether the fans will sit or stand in each stand. 


14. Choose the type of dugout you want. Examples would be Standard, Lowered, and Stands (In the stands). 


15. Self explanatory. 


16. Self explanatory. 


17. Place banners, write things on them, change fonts and colours. 


18. Choose the country and city where the stadium is located. 


19. Choose the colours of the seats, goal nets, tier barriers and roof. 


20. Choose the style of the outside on each side of the stadium. Place names and pictures etc. 


These are just my ideas. I don't think they will ever come into fruition, though.