Some Internet Comments about FIFA 16 Adding Women

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EA Games announced that FIFA 16, the next release in the soccer game franchise, will include women’s national teams. Here are some internet comments about FIFA 16 adding women:


Matthew McFadyen
Feminists...Feminists everywhere
Adrian S.H
+Matthew McFadyen More like sexist comments everywhere

One sexist reaction masquerading as legitimate concern was that adding a small number of women's teams to the huge existing library of men's teams would inevitably mean less attention spared to other aspects of the game.

Thats Gotta Be Kane
Seems like a waste. Im sure you could have added something way more useful for everyone.
Born 2 Game
Why EA? We spend so much money on your game every year and you still fail to listen to anyone. We don't want Women, we want reliability, stability and fun!

Others worries about a slippery slope. Once you let women into the simulated version of something they actually do to a professional level in real life, what could be next?

Milanista persempre
Women's...What next animals?Dolphins?? wtf...
FIFA 26: Alien national Teams are in the game.


Another common observation was the fact that women's bodies differ from men's, though they weren't talking about the 3D scanning and motion capture that EA undertook to "build new locomotion for women."

can they even do a chest flick?
Daniel Atherton
can you now add some celebrations such as taking shirts off?

Surely the game would have to make other changes to reflect gendered experiences that have nothing to do with playing soccer?

Your star striker is out for 8 months due to pregnancy! xD
On career mode does their morale go down every month suddenly?
Kurt Ford(Beertiee)
Women belong in the kitchen, not on the field.
Unless theres a new kitchen simulater in career mode.

Over at BBC, Amelia Butterly points out that, actually, women can play for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and the FA has support in place for this scenario—and also that women players can deal with periods around game time by taking the pill if they want.

Many have also expressed their pleasure at the move to include women's teams, and the negative reactions only emphasise why it's such an important move: the acceptance of women in sport is long-overdue. If only you could reprogram attitudes as easily.

Or, if you're an internet commenter, you might have a different view.