Request to Make FIFA 16 or 17 Cross-Platform DX12 Ready

fut16coin Date: May/28/15 22:04:23 Views: 23

I am aware that it might be difficult to adjust this late into the development of a game and make such advancements, and it is for that reason alone that I included this as a request towards Fifa 17; unless EA are actually working close with Microsoft on DirectX12 and Windows 10 and have a massive surprise for everyone regarding Fifa 16 that would be great. I highly doubt it, as we know you rarely pay attention to us PC Gamers (i believe Fifa 16 coins PC is hot), or that's how it feels like anyway.

DirectX12 and Windows 10 allow cross-platform between Xbox One and PC. The operating system will be coming out in the coming months, most likely around September/October period to the public, I'm sure EA will get early access to the RTM (like many of us MSDNA members). Thus again I understand the complications of applying this request to Fifa 16, but it MUST be included for Fifa 17.

The problem for those of us on PC who buy and play Fifa on a yearly basis is that it's extremely rare to find people online. Luckily I have the game on PS4, unluckily though I don't like consoles and thus my nephews play the game on the PS4 (console is for the kids), but on those rare occasions that I go on the PS4, regardless of what time of day, I find someone to play against within seconds. I am not joking, in ultimate team, living in Australia, sometimes I wait for half an hour before I find someone on PC, these days an hour without finding anyone (obviously I use my phone while attempting to find people, I don't just sit there and stare at the screen). I'm sure there are others who suffer from this problem also, especially those of us who have horrible pings connecting to servers or people in the United States or Europe (where the majority of the gamers exists). By the way, I have cable internet with download speeds of 100mbps (around 15mb/s), and great pings too (this isn't an internet issue, it's a distance=larger ping time issue).

It is therefore a no-brainer, now that Microsoft has made it extremely easy for developers to make cross-platform games using DX12 and Windows 10. I expect Fifa 17 to be a cross-platform experience. It would be great if you can surprise us with Fifa 16 and make it cross-platform, that would be amazing, but I understand if time constraints are a problem.