POE 3.3 Builds For Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut U.Elder down

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Pros and Cons


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POE 3.3 Builds For Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut U.Elder down



Pros and Cons:

+ Becoming a Tank (seven Endurance Expenses or 5+ Endurance Costs with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching) 

+ Getting a Quick Tank (Attack Speed from Undeniable really shine right here, zip-zap everywhere)

+ Cheap to begin (Greenwood Shank is low-priced but well-rolled one is far more high-priced considering the fact that it gains much more reputation, any 5-link Armour or Tabula Rasa is ample for good mapping expertise. Extra expensive at commence of the league due to the fact it only drops from Elder Guardian)

+ Can do Uber Lab full crucial run reliably whilst good geared

+ No weapon swap (Unless of course you need a lot more quickly Leap Slam with Brightbeak + 3 G Prismatic Eclipse), no gem swap


- Caution: Molten Balls might affect your FPS and drown your GPU.

- Greenwood Shank need you to face-tank hits to dish out extra damage

- Cannot do Reflect (With thief torment on + 4-Link Molten strike + Yugul Pantheon, you can do reflect map relatively but still dangerous. Go for Elementalist/ Raider Scion if you'd like reflect immune model and say screw you Atziri Mirror Clone)

- Can do No leech Maps (For anyone who is making use of Thief Torment, disregard this)

- In the event you on the lookout for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear make, this creates will not be for you

- Not block/dodge/evasion centered, any hazardous 1-shot (especially elemental injury) will even now perhaps 1-shot you if you never dodge.

- 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Nevertheless, want to beware "extra harm as elemental" map mod and "- % highest resistance" map.




Substantial adjust to Juggernaut Ascendency.

Now with much more additional tackiness!

The sequence now must be 

1/ 2: Unflinching or Unbreakable 

3: Undeniable (Most up-to-date becoming Merciless Lab ahead of you proceed to map) 

4: Unrelenting



Gem Hyperlink:

Get this link on sequence

Reminder: Never get Elemental Injury with weapon or Fire Penetration until you'll be able to convert 100% of bodily to Fire with AoF or Watcher's Eye Anger convert physical to fire edition.

Ordinary Daily life Leech Version:

6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Contact + Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Impact + Combustion Assistance + Fire Penetration 

Concentrated Impact can be utilized prior to Elemental Damage With Attack if you want considerably more single target damage.

We have respectable attack speed so we will not definitely require multistrike/ faster assault for smoother gameplay on 5-link. 

For Thief Torment (We require moar attack velocity) :

6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Contact + MultiStrike 

+ Elemental Injury With Attacks + Concentrated Impact + Fire Penetration or Combustion Support (If no other talent which will proc Combustion Fire Resist Reduction Debuff)

4-Link Whirling Blades (Movement): Whirling Blade+Fortify+Blood Magic+Faster Attack

3-Link Leap Slam (Ledge Crossing): Leap Slam + Faster Assault + Blood Magic or Culling Strike or Fortify

Buff: Herald of Ashes, Blood Rage

Aura: Anger

Warcry: Enduring Cry (For endurance charge generation)

Totem: Ancestral Protector (Ancestral Warchief melee harm buff won't impact Molten Balls) 

Alternatively, you could link Combustion to Ancestral Protector when you will not choose to link Combustion to Molten Strike though also never have ample gem socket for CWDT combustion setup.

CWDT Setup (Optional, perform properly with new Unflinching): Lvl 1 Cast When Injury Taken + Lvl 1 Immortal Get in touch with + Lvl 20 Improved Duration Help

CWDT Combustion Setup : Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken + Lvl one FireStorm + Combustion 



Leveling Guide:

-Not advised for Existence Leech edition. Some grandmasters could not be existence leeched because they have bloodless (bottom left notable daily life node, the enemy can't leech you) which make sustaining nearly unattainable. Try and use existence attain on hit help or Thief Torment for sustain rather.

-Brass Dome is proposed and is extra crucial than any life Armour for melee character in HoGM. Some grandmasters (specifically Ranged) heavily invest in crit multiplier even though also acquiring large base damage to go with it. Nullifying further crit injury = nullify one on the biggest wall for the melee character to clear HoGM. I advise Brass Dome even with CWDT Immortal Call setup, Elemental Crit is no joke.

-Get Block Likelihood and Dodge Reduction help. 100% important against max block grandmaster. Some grandmasters may possibly even be unkillable with block probability reduction :/ (Due to the fact Molten Strike hits a lot of instances that proc their Angie Aurora result) OH GOD GUBEN. An additional solution to counter CWDT Max Block master will be to get Balefire off-hand and burn them with Scorching Ray, nice and simple. 

-Get Amethyst Flask with Greater Duration/effect to up your chaos resistance. Obtaining detrimental or reduced chaos resists though going towards any grandmasters that target heavily with hefty chaos injury commonly end up with duo KO.

-Immune/Remove curse flask on utility flask (like Amethyst Flask) is optional but is incredibly handy considering that notable grandmasters can tri-curse. (Thief Torment halves curse impact but nevertheless harmful).

-Immune/Remove Bleed and Shock nonetheless is important in HoGM. Topaz flask with immune shock functions wonders against lightning injury grandmaster matchup. Immune/Remove bleed could possibly be from either life flask/utility base flask or Death's Door boot depending on your preference to counter puncture Grandmaster.

-Need a lot more knowledge on Ignite grandmaster because under no circumstances die from hefty ignite injury. Existence Flask that gets rid of burning would suffice. 

-Go slow. Be secure than sorry. Stay clear of fighting the entire grandmaster group while you onto the next wave.

Recommended tactic: Zip (Whirling Blade) into next wave, assault ground with Molten Strike then Zap away. Try and lure Grandmaster to 1v1 battle. 

You may generally retreat to regen as much as complete HP if you out of existence flask expenses. Refill/alter flasks or gear with portal if vital.

-Beware summoner grandmasters. Some minions HIT Tough though some summoners take Minion Instability simply to tick you off.




Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/QnzSwn35

Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y94aue88


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