Ping friendliness of Different Classes and "Ping-Lock" Backswing - TERA

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I play a Brawler on TR. I seriously get pleasure from tanking and have for any extended time - that's the part I'm most keen on and would like to play most of the time. On the other hand, with Brawler nerfs coming up I've been searching into placing with each other an alt for DS2 (our guild features a lot of fantastic Brawlers and I choose to have the ability to be helpful in yet another function if necessary).



Anyway, I've been seeking into how ping basically changes various classes. Brawler is quite ping-friendly for two causes:


1. It features a large number of lengthy attacks


2. It has higher priority "super cancel" attacks which will cancel attacks at any point in their duration, which means you may cancel ping-lock by tapping the button in the proper time, as well as an unusually low priority move (jackhammer) you are able to "super cancel" with regular attacks from hits 6+. 


The other way a class may be ping friendly is just by possessing say... a great deal of their damage wrapped up within a 10 second cooldown (or two ten second CDs, whatever -- the real criteria here is just like "class features a lot of dead-time in rotation"), so as long as you have been making use of that move ping wasn't messing with you too much (As I have an understanding of it this can be the argument for Slayers being good at high ping?).


To clarify what I mean by "super cancel" and "ping-lock backswing" - I consider that moves in TERA have a number of phases:


1. Windup


2. Move does harm


3. Backswing (some set variety of frames you'd wait following the move just before you might use yet another move, even if you had 0 pings. e.g., the smaller pause soon after Haymaker hits)


4. Ping-lock backswing (say you use Haymaker and then need to use an additional typical move just after it (e.g., Piledriver). You'd use Haymaker, it'd wind up, hit, deal damage, backswing, BUT you'd nonetheless need to wait for the duration of your ping prior to your Piledriver windup begins. This can be for the reason that... Is coding really hard?


5. Move-lock backswing (standard moves can cancel this, but you cannot move)


Most moves are "normal" - they cannot interact with moves in windup, backswing, or ping-lock backswing. Some moves (e.g., Roundhouse Kick, most iframes) are "super cancels" - you can cancel a move at any point in its windup, backswing, or ping-lock backswing by tapping the key at the proper time. This implies that should you cast a regular move, then a super cancel, players with 200 ping can do that as fast as players with 0 ping (while the timing is going to be slightly distinctive).


From my private experience, Brawler is quite pinged friendly (as pointed out above - going from 0 pings to one hundred pings is anything like a 5% DPS penalty). And warrior is very unfriendly - you have got countless short attacks (e.g., Combative Strike, Poison Blade) that do not super cancel.



Does anyone have any knowledge of other classes? Especially enthusiastic about which have "super cancels" and what type of rotations are feasible with larger ping on Reaper, Archer, and Gunner.


Edit for some updates:

1. Brawler: Some super cancels, low priority on JH right after hit six, extended attacks. I'd estimate 0-100 ping at a 5% DPS loss.


2. Reaper: Brief attacks, but Quite a few super cancels (Reaping recommended generally almost everything super cancels, but it really is like two attack second). No idea about DPS loss.


3. Gunner: Burst fire is approx. a 7% DPS loss going from 130 WITH macro to genuine 35~. You may have two do two hit mana missiles. And you get much fewer blasts in. But AB is very friendly. Tex and I guesstimated a thing like 10% DPS loss going from 30 pings (WITH MACRO) to 130 pings.


4. Warrior: Short attacks, practically no super cancels/low priority capabilities. I'd estimate 0-100 ping at a 15%~ DPS loss.


To test super cancel: if an ability can cancel ALL other abilities in their windup, the talent is usually a super cancel. To test for... low priority talent: if an ability is usually canceled by random regular skills, the skill is actually a low priority skill.


Both super cancels and low priority abilities are excellent for the ping, simply because whether or not you have got 0 pings or 100 pings the result is identical - just the timing is various. For more tera guides, stay tuned to U4GM. You can also choose U4GM where you can buy gold TERA.