Pack Sweetener Idea for FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jun/04/15 20:19:56 Views: 24
So I've been thinking of ways to make getting top players legitimately (read: no fifa coins buying/farming) more realistic and fun for FIFA 16, and I drew inspiration from an idea that Madden Ultimate Team incorporates into their pack bundles.
On Madden, when special cards come out, they release special packs, both individually and with bundles. Let's say it's Tuesday and their version of the Team of the Week is out. You can buy a 14 pack bundle for $20USD and doing so nets you a topper. For regular packs, the bundle topper guarantees you an elite player (in FIFA terms, that would translate to an 86+). For special packs, the bundle topper may guarantee you a team of the week player or a collectible (not applicable in FUT, but worth mentioning nonetheless).
So why not incorporate this idea to FUT? If I buy the $20 FIFA point package, why shouldn't it come with a topper that guarantees an elite player? Even if it's Thomas Muller or Iniesta, pulling either of those players is better than walking away with Jovetic after investing $20. And the bigger the bundle, the better chance you can have at a Robben or a Messi.
Similar bundle toppers can also be offered when team of the week, man of the match or team of the season cards are released. Of course, this would lead to a MASSIVE purchasing of bundles for the sole purpose of getting the topper, which would flood the market with special cards - a problem that already exists and needs to be expunged in the next FIFA.
One solution would be to limit the amount of bundles a player can buy to one a week (let's say there's a $20, $50 and $100 bundle; each player could buy one of each per week, but each FIFA point purchase after that would not include the topper). Madden also limits the bundle offers to 24 hours at a time, which seems like it could work with FUT too, and that would lower the overall amount of bundles opened. Another would be to adjust the terms slightly for special packs; rather than guaranteeing a TOTW player (or a TOTS, which, obviously, would never happen), they can simply offer toppers that have, perhaps, 10% better odds of pulling a TOTS. And maybe the $100 bundle increases that a 25% bump in TOTS odds. Or maybe even a 50% increase. One thing we can all agree on is that a $100 investment in FIFA points during TOTS should net you AT LEAST one blue card, even if it's Jordan Henderson.
An alternative but similar pack sweetener would be to top packs off not with another pack containing an elite or special player, but to offer a coin bonus for any purchase of FIFA points. Thus, if you buy $50 in FIFA points, you would receive 50,000 as well. Assuming that the price ranges shape the FIFA 16 market into what FIFA 15's market looks like right now, 50k would guarantee a game-changing player like Reus and get you darn close to a Robben or a Ribery, meaning you aren't setting money on fire if those $50 worth of FIFA points net you nothing more than a Toni Kroos.
While the coin bonus would be appealing, I'm a fan of a potential player bundle topper that would help make FIFA points a much more manageable and realistic purchase. Think about it this way: For players that spend $20 every month hoping to hit the jackpot to improve their club, their chances of pulling a big time player increase immensely and it makes the game more enjoyable for those that don't shell out big bucks for pack openings on a weekly basis.
I think something like this would both level the playing field in FUT and offer EA a smart and equitable compromise that costs them very little and improves the quality of their community. What do you guys think?