My Problems So Far on FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Oct/05/15 23:39:56 Views: 28

I've had Fifa 16 for 3 days now and am already having problems with it. Although it has good features mainly pace isn't everything. 


For example in Fifa 15 you could have 64 rated Oduro who had really bad starts except for pace playing better than 88 rated van persie who had better stats in everything but pace. Thats changed thank god but there are two things in Fifa 16 that i already hate.... Referee's and Passing.


Referees are insanely  strict and will call everything a foul which just slows down play and leads to bullshit sending offs. 


But easily the worst thing about the game is the passing. Now that pace isn't such a big deal i'd say passing is the most important stat, Instead of just running through defenses with Doumbia you have to pick out a pass , But seeing that the passing in this game is awful thats a little hard. So far i'd say that 2/3 passes for me have been unsuccessful. Its always getting intercepted and its not like my team is full of terrible passers the average is passing is 70. Yet its more like they all have 20 passing. Well thanks for reading me vent post in the comments if your having similar issues or not.