Lone Striker Formations in FUT 17 Champions

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Which formations do you get for playing FUT Champions? So here are some formations with lone ST introduced to you guys. Maybe the formations information is not complete,  but you can still take a look.


4141 Formation

FIFA 17 4 1 4 1 Formation for FUT


This formation is a solid one, which is hard to break down. The sweeping CDM instead of 2 ST's helps to cover CB's and also build play throughout the midfield. Meanwhile, your CM's shall ensure to finish to support your ST. It is for the players who prefer to build up the play. Then if you want a quick attack, a very fast LM/RM/ST is needed. It is suggested that you can use IF Lew, Slimani, IF Costa and suarez. But here is the question that almost everyone parks the bus so it's extremely exhausting to play many games with high concentration to break down their defense with just one striker. The thing with 4141 is the CMs are giving the striker a couple of options to play a 1-2 which is the simplest way to break down a PTB. Not only that but the formation keeps width allowing you to play down the wing if the 1-2 doesnt work to threaten putting in a cross. It is unpredictable. If you like the unpredictability, you can try, also you can see: how to beat park the bus.


4231(1) Formation

This formation provides you lots of attacking options as there are three CAM's to approach attacking. In this formation, strength and heading will be top priority in your lone striker despite the lack of crossing opportunities you will get. Or you have to get a high pace ST with 90+ pace. The 4231-1 formation is more defensive than 4231-2 formation. It seems players like to switch between these two formations. With 4231-1 formation, the key is to play nice and slow as you can't pace abuse when you just start playing the 1st. The average pace on players is preferable, unless the players is high rated with well rounded stats. 


There are also other formations with lone striker you can try, like 3421, 4411, etc.


The above mentioned formations you can have a try, although it might not be professional. More information (tips or guide) you can read on our website. To get more cheap FIFA 17 coins, you can take a visit here.