Legend Team Idea for FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: Jun/02/15 21:29:27 Views: 23

So I was thinking last night about how the Legends work in FIFA and if im honest i think they are very underwhelming , now by underwhelming i dont mean there abilities in the game i mean that you are capable of using them for, If a card is a Legend it should be a legendary card it should be capable of lots of different things. 


I was thinking about how they could improve the legend system in the game and not only make them abit more fun to play with but also make the players alot more accessible to a wider group of people, the idea came to me after i watched a live stream last weekend of someone playing Madden ultimate team (I had no idea what was going on) and explaining how some of the legends work on there, from what i could gather you could have 1 legend and he could come out of packs as a speed card, throw card etc etc.... why cant we have legends like that? also what got me thinking about this was how hard it can be to get legends into a team without using another legend card. 


Take for example Patrick Vieira.... 

Imagine legends in FIFA 16 come out of packs with double club stats on them...they have the legend club and they have 1 of there career clubs (all of these are already displayed on there Legend profile). This would allow himt obe used in ALOT more teams more easily and make him alot more accessible for people with lower FIFA coins


Arsenal- best selling due to links with legend and prem teams 

Manchester city- Also sells very high die to links with Toure 

Milan- High selling due to league links. 

Juventus- Very high selling due to strong links with Pogba 

Inter- would probably be about the same as Juventus 

AS Cannes- NOW this is the card you would use if you just wanted to make a full legend squad...Would not be amazingly popular due to the fact the team would not exist in FUT so he would only really be used for Legend and France teams forcing his price to be alot lower than the other iterations of the card. 


The interesting things about these cards is they could cause Legend cards to be alot more accessible due to the much higher card weight of legend pulls to people and its clear the system would not be hard to implement on a coding level because a very close version to it already exists in madden. 


Think of the possibilities.