Imaginative Ideas for a New FIFA

fut16coin Date: Apr/11/16 16:30:01 Views: 21

I'd like to share my imaginative dream. I dreamed about a different soccer game, actually a innovative way to play a soccer game.



Player's alter ego focused:


From the beginning you create your own soccer player, who will maintain his physical characteristics but will age in a 1:20 ratio. This alter ego will be the same used in Online Pro and offline career modes. He can also be used to reinforce your Ultimate Team, but in this mode he won't evolve.


Social Life:


Every game mode earns you XP and CR* to unlock and buy:

- Permanent and temporary boosts for your player;

- Training and leisure costumes;

- Houses and cars which will appear in an animation at the beginning and the end of you Pro matches. Before the start of an Online Pro match you can see your friends' cars arriving the stadium;

- When your Pro reaches higher levels, you gain access to the social lobby, a fancy space where only the best players go. There you can: have a meal and chat at the cafe, go to gym or the pool to recover from injuries and improve you fitness, play tennis, 3v3 street soccer and bowling, dance at the nightclub;

- the pro player/manager can also be part of a press conference, which can be watched by his friends after online Pro Team matches.

- Micro transactions to buy CR will be studied in a future moment.


New Game Modes:


- Online Be a Manager: if your Pro gets old enough to play, he still can be a successful manager. A manager, besides editing formation and tactics and making substitutions, at higher levels earns his commanded team performance boosts;

- Pro Ultimate Team: now in Online Pro, you can recruit a card from your Ultimate Team to be controlled by AI. Each player can recruit one card, or the team can buy specific Pro Ultimate Team packs;

- Online Training: skill challenges can be played with friends online, and yes, you will arrive training in your very own sports car. Who will hit that squeeze first?


Imaginative ideas? What do you think of that?