How to Make Coins During the FIFA 16 TOTY Prices Downturn

fut16coin Date: Dec/08/15 09:53:20 Views: 22

Firstly, it's especially important during the FIFA 16 TOTY market crash to have a lot of fifa 16 coins. First reason being for those that want to afford the blue in-forms, and second reason for those that need a lot of coins to stock up on investments. We would like to make you aware of an amazing set of tools that have hugely helped us to make a lot of coins.


As we've described in previous years, during the FUTmas and TOTY promotions, non-IF players increase in supply, lowering prices. As users move their coins into TOTY cards, often times expensive in-forms are sold to free up coins to buy the TOTY players, or packs that week. Will in-forms drop less than their gold counterparts? Yes, that has usually been the case. Do they still drop temporarily? Yes. In-forms historically increase in value. An opportunity to invest in those cards at reduced prices is an opportunity that's usually best to take advantage of.


All is not doom and gloom though, even for the average trader. A simple set rules to follow will surely let you take advantage of the low FIFA 16 TOTY Prices situation:


1) Sell all non-discard priced players you currently own prior to the TOTY release. We advise around the 15th/16th December, before other players get on the TOTY bandwagon. While prices may rise (especially for low / mid-tiered players), we believe there are other more effective trading methods you can use that will make you more coins and won't tie up your coins for 2 weeks. For those that invested, ideally you would have picked up players directly after Cyber Monday.


2) Buy them back during the TOTY release week. We'll be documenting the crash as it happens and recommending times where we think prices are particularly low. We often do this on our social channels (especially Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus).


Is it that simple? Yes. Once the TOTY cards have been out for a few weeks, the market "corrects" and the beaten-down player prices start to regain their value. "Well what about IFs?" Sell those too. As I touched on earlier, there are only so many coins to go around.