Hitbox and VFL Wolfsburg Combines for Evclusive FIFA 16 Streams

fut16coin Date: Apr/17/16 21:42:12 Views: 17

Fans of FIFA 16 will be able to tune in every Thursday to live streams on Hitbox from two of the world's best FIFA players – Benedikt "SaLz0r" Saltzer and David "DaveBtw" Bytheway. Hitbox's partnership with VfL Wolfsburg and its FIFA 16 players will help connect the fans of esports, football and FIFA 16 in a unique and interactive way, furthering growth and interest across all three audiences.




VfL Wolfsburg, one of the largest and most successful football clubs, made headlines last summer when it signed its very first esports athlete Benedikt SaLz0r' Saltzer to compete for the club in one of the most promising, upcoming esports titles; FIFA 16. Saltzer, a four time FIFA champion in his native Germany, has now been joined at the club by David "DaveBtw" Bytheway as it continues its innovative approach to sports both on and off the pitch.


The popularity of FIFA 16 is undeniable, with millions of players worldwide – in the first 16 days following its release gamers played an amazing 326 million matches and clocked up 1.5 billion hours playtime. The weekly VfL Wolfsburg FIFA streams will allow fans to compete against and watch both SaLz0r and DaveBtw on the official VfL Wolfsburg channel, or each player's individual Hitbox channel:


Beat the Pro: Face these two FIFA Pros for a chance to win an exclusive VfL Wolfsburg eSports t-shirt

Classic FIFA Stream: Watch the FIFA 16 athletes prepare for upcoming events and tournaments

FIFA Ultimate Team: Witness the two players building their own dream team

Become a Pro: Let the Pros teach you how to choose the perfect tactic and how to get better in the game in general





As a fan of VfL Wolfsburg and football in general, a clearly delighted Martin Klimscha, Hitbox CEO and co-founder commented on the new partnership: "We are excited for our new partnership with VfL Wolfsburg which enables us to bring a variety of exclusive FIFA 16 eSports content live to Hitbox. This puts Hitbox into a leading position to grow with the popularity of the game and club. In return, VfL Wolfsburg will have the opportunity to give their two signed eSports athletes more exposure and connect them to their fan community on the most advanced online streaming platform available."


Martin continued: "The most important characteristic that VfL Wolfsburg and Hitbox share is our common goal of driving industry-wide innovation forward. Last summer, the German sports club made big waves by signing an official FIF16 eSports athlete under their banner, and therefore entering the eSports realm as the first sports club ever, incredible!"