Get Free Rare Coins Pack with FIFA 16 Web App

fut16coin Date: Mar/29/16 21:33:52 Views: 29
The FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has been live since September 16th, hitting full capacity on September 17th 2015 for returning FUT 15 users. EA is continuing the goodness for the FUT 7 year celebration for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. After handing out a gold pack and a jumbo premium gold pack earlier this week, we can now confirm that you can login to the FIFA 16 Web App and get a Rare Gold pack for free too.
This is a pack that is worth 25,000 coins in value and EA are giving it away absolutely free. The downside to this is that you can't trade with whatever you get.
So if you get an amazing player in the pack such as FIFA 16 new position David Alaba CDM, you can't sell it for a massive profit.
Still though, free is free so hopefully some of you will get some nice players to add to your team. Don't forget that TOTW 28 is also live, so there's a chance that you may get players from this event in your free Rare Gold pack.