Genuinely Good Idea for FIFA 16

fut16coin Date: May/16/15 22:49:23 Views: 20

Don't play CM, tried it before but got boring, I do feel as if I should give it more of a chance though and I agree it is unfair how this game mode seems to be ignored (and Pro Clubs) in favour of UT so often.


Here are some suggestions for UT:


1 - Slow the game down a bit.


2 - More FUT 16 coins for wins and achievements/packs less costly.


3 - Make the very top-rated cards more available in packs, it is FAR too stingy. Actually, the 'cardweights' seem even more unfair this year than the last two years.


4 - Bring back UT 13 chemistry. Most people want it back.


5 - Less gimmick cards and booster cards.


6 - Introducing small loans of the top players this year was a good move by EA (pity I couldn't enjoy using Messi as much as I would have last year on the year before, I found him ineffectual in this year's game which I don't like as much as 14 or 13).


But how about a chance to win a player? Link it to winning a tournament (one per person obviously) or the amount of hours players put in to playing the game. This is because for the last few years you can play this game almost every day and spent a large amount of real money on FP and still never get a Ronaldo or Messi (or Ibra etc) card at all. This isn't right.


7 - Once again, my WILDCARD idea for chemistry. If EA won't bring back UT 13's chemistry then at least consider this: a WILDCARD chemistry card which you can use once per team and apply it to one position/player in the team who will then receive green or orange links with the surrounding players, regardless of his nationality or league or team.


This would give hybrid building a boost, help make team building fun again and help finish those annoying team builds when you get stuck on one position remaining and it only has 6 or 7 chemistry. This has happened to me many times.