FUT 16: New disconnection/DNF rule

fut16coin Date: Jun/08/15 23:54:31 Views: 25

Disconnecting from an FUT game is something common for all of us, whatever the reasons were but I believe all of us experience this from time to time.


The problem is that the current system used from EA to deal with disconnections in/or just after a game, remains the same unfair mechanism.


Any body who disconnects whatever the circumstances gets a Loss+DNF Penalty.


So, what am I proposing?


New Disconnection Rule


1- If a player disconnects from an FUT game no matter the reasons were, while the result in the game was either (A draw - or - A Lead for his side), then the disconnection should just cancel that game as if it never occurred.

i.e.: No Loss & No DNF Penalty.


2- If a player disconnects no matter the reason was, while the result of the game was (A Lead to his opponent), then he gets both the Loss/DNF Penalty.


Some here would claim that people might disconnect while seeing their opponents are better or dominating the game to avoid loss when it's just a draw, Ok this might happen but honestly just compare this simple case with the current unfair cases where many of us loose finals of tournaments or promotions or else despite our lead just because the game disconnects from the server side or even for lights going off in ur homes or else !


So for sure things will be better when compared.


Also, by this rule, it won't matter for EA to check the reasons behind disconnection, it's just a logic as most of the people won't disconnect while being ahead or at least on a draw with a 50% chance of winning.


What do you think guys?