FUT 16 Mobile Suggestions

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FUT 16 Mobile


My suggestions for FUT 16 (Android/iOS) Mobile:


1. Origin Account.

Please bring back the Origin account option to save progress. I don't have Facebook and I don't want to create one. Could it be possible to just add the Origin feature aside from Facebook. I think it is better to have two ways to secure your progress. It has been tough for me because I have lost all my FUT progress several times. In FUT14 I didn't have this problem because there was the Origin account feature.


2. Assist Counter.

I have noticed it would be nice to have in the section of the player biography, the feature of an assist counter which lets you know how many assists has the player done just like with the goals counter. It would be a good way to keep track of your players that have make the best assists.


3. Transfer Market.

It has been a lot of time since the Transfer market has been down and then one day it was up and running but the problem was that you needed to log in into your Facebook account. As you already know I don't have Facebook so I have been relying in packs for everything. It would be preferable if it can be used by players that have logged in and also players that haven't like before. 


4. Multiplayer.

I know it is a bit too much to ask but only if it is possible I would like to see FUT multiplayer like on the Playstation and Xbox (I have seen this feature on youtube videos because I don't possess any of these game consoles. The closest encounter has been with FIFA World beta which has FUT multiplayer). I know it would be difficult but nice to see if possible. 


Thank You all for reading this post and I hope that at least points one to three could become possible with being the most important the first one. These are just my suggestions and a brief description why I would like to see them. I hope these suggestions may be taken into consideration to include them into FIFA FUT16.


Thank You.