FIFA16: How to Make Bronze Pack Coins

fut16coin Date: Mar/21/16 22:14:30 Views: 19
There are a number of ways to make coins this year but one of easiest is the FIFA 16 Bronze Pack Coin Making Method. Fortunately we have recently had a large release of 20 Bronze Premium Player packs during the St Patricks Day promotional period. This simple method is pretty much guaranteed to make you coins in the long run, even when you opt to invest in the regular 400 coin Bronze packs. 
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The 1.8k Premium Bronze Players Packs include 12 players, at least 10 Bronze with 3 Rares.
Open up your promotional Bronze packs.
Check the Transfer Market if you are unsure of the cards value before listing.
Sell the pack contents at 1 hour listings, or 6 / 12 hour cycles when you are busy or sleeping.
Re-list the items if they don’t sell (the Re-List All feature comes in handy here). It can sometimes take up to a week or so to clear out the majority of your players (depending on how frequently you relist them and at what intervals).
At 1.8k FIFA coins per pack, the Premium Bronze Player packs offer tremendous value. All this method requires is that you open the promotional packs and sell the contents! At the absolute worst case scenario if you sell every player at 200 coins, you will receive 2280 coins, which is 480 coins profit on one pack after 5% EA selling tax. If you opened all 20 packs during the Irish themed Bronze pack offer the other day you would have pretty much guaranteed yourself a cool 9,600 coins.
There are many of you who will question whether 48 rated Bronze players sell. Yes they do, but they will likely require re-listing as regularly as you can manage. When opening these packs in the long run, you will eventually pack a decent player that fetches significantly more than the 200 coin minimum buy now, sometimes making the whole 20 pack investment worth it from just one pack. For example, if you packed the newly green Irish 64 rated Murphy or Harriman, you could have sold them for roughly 9k on the Xbox and Playstation platforms. There are also a number of Bronze in-forms in each TOTW which sell for a great number of coins.