FIFA 17 Wishlist

fut16coin Date: Oct/21/15 23:01:15 Views: 22

EA Sports has begun the development of FIFA 17 after successfully releasing FIFA 16 in September of 2015. We can expect the release of FIFA 17 is same month in 2016.


FIFA 17 Wishlist


Snooping around the net you can find a few rumored features to be added in EA Sport's latest addition to FIFA series but none of them have been any evidence of being the truth.


Here are a few features gamers wants to been added in FIFA 17. (FIFA 17 Wishlist)


- Press Conferences : The MOTM should be able to get interviewed after the match where he will receive the MOTM award . Also, the managers can take part in post match press conference. With this upgrade, you will receive bonus coins or EXP if you can make an excuse that Jose Mourinho has not used.


- Full Training Sessions: FIFA 16 has partial training sessions that can be used to develop a player. However, FIFA addicts on the internet want full training sessions in FIFA 17.


- Agent Mode: You will be able to play as a agent or at least an agent needs to be added to negotiate your deals.


- CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Do I need to say any more?


- Taking your shirt off Celebration: Why do not we have this already? Seriously EA. Also, make it available for Women's game.


- Mix up the career mode: We want changes in the career mode. Anyone bored of playing same thing over and over again?


- More Women in the game. Well, according to some.


- Custom Celebration and Skill maker.


What do you want in FIFA 17? Comment