FIFA 17 Web App Launch Date and Why

fut16coin Date: Sep/12/16 23:03:47 Views: 28

FIFA 17 demo will be released on September, while for FIFA 17 web app, it will probably be launched from 14th to 18th. Of course, it's just prediction. So here we will list several reasons to explain why it is released on that date.


There are two reasons to explain why.


1. According to the last year FIFA web app was released on the September 15th, even though an unfair advantage was caused as multiple people managed to getting an early acess. But for EA, they may choose a proper time so that game players won't lost their interests before FIFA 17 gameplay is really released.


2. Server traffic is one of the most common but unfixable problems in modern games. To solve this problem, EA must pick a release date which few game players can play it. This year, the launch of FIFA 17 web app may be no different.  And the date would be better on the midenight of 14th or 15th. During such release date, most people would be in sound sleep, and they have to work or study next day. But there may be hardcore game players to wait to its launch. It has to remember that less players mean less sever traffic.


The launch date is not confirmed officially, so it's just prediction. If you want to know, we will be updating if the official information is confirmed, so stay tuned for more. Besides, we offer cheap FIFA 17 coins as FIFA 17 is nearing. All you have to do is to click our website and contact us. Of course, when you enjoy the service, you can also obtain the latest news here.