FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 - Which will be Better?

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fifa 17 vs pes 2017


September is looming, and we all know what that means. Its battle of the football games, and once again FIFA 17 and PES 2017 are going head to head. But this year could perhaps be the toughest battle yet, with both titles really bringing their A-game in 2017.


Weve been lucky enough to get early access to both titles and have put the two games against each other in order to give you some idea of which one you should spend your heard-earned dosh on this year.


The FIFA 17 release date has been confirmed for September 27, 2016. Theres no word on when PES 2017 will arrive, but we expect it will launch around September too, as is the norm for Konamis football sim.




Of course, its usually FIFA that comes off best in the licenses stake, but this year PES 2017 has upped its game. The two teams Konami is currently permitted to license from the Premier League this year are Arsenal and Atletico Madrid. There are four from the Bundesliga too, but theyre not playable yet.


But, for the first time, PES 2017 will be introducing a custom kit editor to sidestep the licensing issues.


I appreciate guys who play PES really want to have authentic kits, said Adam Bhatti, PESs global product and brand manager to Digital Spy, but theres some features in edit mode that we can announce later at E3 that will definitely appease that.


As we said, kit edit mode confirmed.


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