FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist: How can it be great again

fut16coin Date: Sep/09/16 02:56:56 Views: 14

Someone complains that FUT is becoming boring, before the fact is that this mode is very competitive and exciting. Now FIFA points may be the major reason to make this mode into gambling mode. The whole idea of FUT is made on the premise "make cash" rather than "make a fun online exprience". The problem with match coins in fut is the transfer market, if they give you and everyone more coins per match then players on the market will also rise in price, resulting in the samething as now. So in this article we display the ideas from FIFA forum what fans wish FUT to make changes and turn great again.


Here is several concluded ideas.


1. Less difference between bronze to gold players. The best players should be a bit better, but it doesn't mean that to some extent they are always faster, stronger, etc. Make it a little difficult to acquire good players. This will never happen, but it would make the game have fun building your way up with a weak side and slowly getting better.


2. Limit the number of modes so that Bronze and Silver have a mode that is populated.


3. Bring back Tournaments. Open tournaments with prize money 10k etc (no restrictions such as one must have 5 nations and 3 silvers and 3 bronze etc).


4. Get the basics right, passing, shooting and tackling. Passing in 16 is all over the place. Get rid of the superfluous driven pass and just let us have a pressure controlled pass button, let us dictate power not the stupid AI. Slide tackles clearly too OP standing tackles often too ineffective. 


3. Get real with skills. In the right situation with the right player is fine. But doing continously with players that never do skills effective. The radius the ball travels should be extended especially for lower rated cards. Only top top players should have such tight control. Meaning skill abuse comes with more of a risk. You're more likely to lose the ball if you spam them with players that are not very high rated.


What express here are fans wishlist to make this game better. These might not be working, just for share. If you got something in your mind, you can share with us. Our wesite is a reliable one to provide FIFA 17 coins. You can come and get cheap coins. All you have to do is to click our website and contact us. Of course, when you enjoy the service, you can also obtain the latest news here.