FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: Pro Players Cards FAQ

fut16coin Date: Aug/19/16 02:09:20 Views: 41

FIFA 17 Pro Players are unique, one-off cards given to real-life professional players who play FUT 17. These turquoise cards are placed into FIFA 17 Ultimate Team accounts by EA SPORTS FIFA and can be made on request. Here frequently asked questions(FAQ) are listed below.


What are FIFA 17 Pro Players?

FIFA 17 Pro Players cards are created for professional footballers who play FUT. EA SPORTS FIFA provides these players with their own special, unique card in order to incentivise more high profile professionals to play the game. If you play against one of these cards, you're playing against a real-life pro!


How are FUT 17 Pro Players card's ratings determined?


All FUT 17 Pro Players cards will be rated 95, regardless of the level or rating of their regular FUT card. This has always been the case since they were first introduced in FIFA 12.


Will FIFA 17 Pro Players cards be available to regular users?


No. FIFA 17 Pro Players cards are one-off items and are locked to professional player's accounts. These cards have been untradeable since Joey Barton brother sold his Pro Player card for 15 million FIFA coins during FIFA 13! We can assume EA didn't think any professional would sell their own card, hence not making them untradeable originally.


What are the chances of playing against a FIFA Pro Player card?

The chances of playing a FUT match against a professional with a FIFA Pro Player card are extremely low. If you do spot one of these turquoise cards on the upcoming opponent screen, then we recommend taking a screenshot and making the most of the occasion! Get on the headset!


Will FUT 17 Pro Players cards be available in FUT Draft mode?

FUT 17 Pro Players cards will not be available in FUT Draft. Professionals will only be able to use their Pro Player cards in regular FIFA Ultimate Team matches, including FUT Seasons and certain FUT Tournaments.