FIFA 17 Top 50 Players Ratings: Players in Positions 20-11 Revealed

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EA continue to fill out the list of Top 50 players in the upcoming FIFA 17. Showing up in this particular section are defensive hard-man turned cultured European Championship winner Pepe, Manchester United's recent re-acquisition (and almost European Championship winner) Paul Pogba, fellow Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, and perennial fantasy football choice Sergio Aguero. Everybody in the 20-11 range is rated either 88 or 89.


As we saw players in positions 30-21 revealed yesterday, today we'll take a look at the 20-11 in the below list.


20. Pepe (CB 88)

88 Defending and 81 Physicality tells you all you need to know about Pepe. The Real Madrid central defender is a force at the back.


19. Gonzalo Higuaín (ST 88)

The Juventus striker is a lethal finisher in front of goal. His 87 Shooting will make the net bulge time and time again.


18. Paul Pogba (CM 88)

A center mid who will bolster any midfield. Paul Pogba boasts 87 Dribbling to go along with his 87 Physicality.


17. Antoine Griezmann (ST 88)

The Atletico striker will be a key addition to any line up in FIFA 17. His 87 Dribbling is one of the highest in all of FIFA 17.


16. Thiago Silva (CB 89)

Center midfielder Thiago Silva has the joint highest Defending attribute in all of FIFA 17. His 90 Defending will bolster any back line.


15. Luka Modrić (CM 89)

Elegant and accomplished. Luka Modrić is a center midfielder who will help you unlock any opponent's defence. 86 Passing and 89 Dribbling will give the opposition center backs a tough challenge.


14. Sergio Ramos (CB 89)

Polished and supremely gifted, Sergio Ramos is a ball playing center back. His 87 Defending puts him among the elites of world football.


13. Thibaut Courtois (GK 89)

The Chelsea goalkeeper has the highest Handling in FIFA 17 with 91. He will be a huge addition to any squad.


12. Mesut Özil (CAM 89)

Özil is the center attacking midfielder that will link play together. His 87 Passing and 86 Dribbling will have him gliding past defenders.


11. Sergio Agüero (ST 89)

Very few will top the Manchester City striker when it comes to all around stats. Agüero has 89 Pace, 88 Shooting, and 89 Dribbling.


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