FIFA 17 Top 3 Rated Players: Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar

fut16coin Date: Sep/03/16 21:37:02 Views: 26

EA has released the top three FIFA 17 players in its ongoing list of the Top 50 ranked players in the game, and Cristiano Ronaldo is now on top of the pile. A process of elimination meant that the top three had to be Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo in some order, and the Portuguese has been deemed the new number one.


You can see all of the Ultimate Team card stats for the top three players below.


3. Neymar (LW 92)


Incredibly skillful with the ability to turn a game in an instant. The Barcelona left wing has the 2nd highest Dribbling attribute in FIFA 17 with 95.


Neymar FIFA 17 rating


2. Messi (RW 93)

The top ranked dribbler in FIFA 17 with 96. The Barcelona right wing is the 2nd ranked player overall in FIFA 17.


Messi FIFA 17 rating


1. Ronaldo (LW 94)

The top ranked player in FIFA 17. Cristiano Ronaldo has 92 Pace, 92 Shooting, 91 Dribbling  and is as strong as an ox with 80 Physicality. 


Ronaldo FIFA 17 rating


Till today, all FIFA 17 top 50 players ratings have been released by EA, and our site has updated all. After seeing the rating of the three, someone said Messi is the better than Ronaldo, and others thought Ronaldo deserves the rating for he has an excellent year. So what do you think? You can share your idea with us. FIFA 17 is launching this month, more FIFA 17 coins are on sale if you need. And latest news will be available.