FIFA 17 Top 10 Highest Rated Players Revealed

fut16coin Date: Sep/07/16 04:59:58 Views: 24

Few days ago, EA Sports revealed top 50 players ratings for FIFA 17 ultimate team. And the results show that for the first time in seven years, Messi is not the number one. This year, Ronaldo is the number one, with Messi and Naymar following, they are the top 3. Here let's check top 10 highest rated players when all these ratings have been released, to witness what changes they got in their ratings.


The below is the list of the top 10. David De Gea is rated number 10, of course Ronaldo is the number one.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 94


2. Lionel Messi - 93


3. Neymar - 92


4. Luis Suárez - 92


5. Manuel Neuer - 92


6. Gareth Bale - 90


7. Zlatan Ibrahimović - 90


8. Jérôme Boateng - 90


9. Robert Lewandowski - 90


10. David De Gea - 90


If you want to know more player stats, you can check on EA official site to see the player data. FIFA 17's launching time is approaching, and we update latest FIFA 17 news everyday. We also have FIFA 17 coins on sale, if you need more, you can contact us at website