FIFA 17 Techniques to Cut in from the Wing

fut16coin Date: Nov/23/16 12:10:52 Views: 70

Effective techniques or skill moves to cut in from the wing can create more space for you to cross. So what kind of skill moves or techniques you think will effectively assist your wing play?


Here are techniques or skill moves players use. To some degree, they might be helpful with correcting your bad play habits.


First, sometimes, your opponents expect you to do the skill moves. However, you can do the opposite. Just keep running down the wing, pass on a diagonal to the top of the box, into the box, or run along the goal line. Doing the ball roll towards the box makes your opponents think you're about to do a skill or cut inside, they usually react by stop moving to tackle. The skill giving you space to just keep running down the wing to cross. But it seems that the ball roll sucks compared to the last year, but you can still have a try.


Second, do you change the direction with L1 after you sprint down to the wing? You may find difficult to change the direction. If you sprint and tap L1 with the left analog in the exit direction, your player would sprint slightly faster in that direction. Helps to change your direction pretty quickly. That is on the assumption that your direction change is <90 degrees. You'd better use L2 to shield against a stronger defender though and pass back or keep going down the wing.


Last, fake shot stall (slide your thumb from x to a without touching the left sick), then drag back to forward (rb and left stick behind you then forward). This momentary stall will cause your opponent to never be able to predict your movement. Experiment with different dragback directions for moment.


Above mentioned are just suggestions, you can try and see if they work. And below is a video uploaded by KRASI about the skill moves over the wing play.



Hope all these can be a little beneficial for your playing. Have a try and you can find a proper and effective skill move to do the wing play. More tips about FIFA 17 play are available on our website, where is also a good place to get cheap FIFA 17 coins. Have fun with your game and be qualified for the Weekend League!