FIFA 17 Suggestions & Ideas

fut16coin Date: Jan/18/16 16:37:12 Views: 34

Now is a good time for FIFA 17 suggestions and ideas. I'll start. 


1. Responsive gameplay should be a priority. Players need to react to controller input with minimum delay. This will make gameplay so much more enjoyable and it will also make it easier to deal with online lag.


2. Improved player animations which reflect how players behave in real life. Unique animations and AI behaviour to top players; Sergio Ramos clearance animation, Zlatan fancy shot animation, Zlatan backheel shot animation


3. Authentic chants in seasons (also in FUT depending on which emblem or stadium you use); FC Bayern I, FC Bayern II


4. Crowd chanting player names after they score 3+ goals or if they score very important goals.


5. Expanded player statistics for your FUT team (short pass accuracy %, long pass accuracy %, clean sheets, tackle success %, interception success %, block success %, cross success %)


6. Commentators acknowledging your clubs top scorers, top assisting players and defenders with high number of interceptions/blocks/tackle success in important matches (1 win/draw from winning the title, holding your division or avoiding relegation).


7. Improved rewards for doing well in FUT seasons. Currently you earn less coins by holding division 1 than you get for winning div 2. Players should feel very motivated to reach and win div 1 and the best way to accomplish this is to improve the rewards.


8. Expanded tactical team management in FUT menu. In the same menu that you can set player instructions you should also be able to set team tactics (example: possession). You should also be able to decide what players will stay back or move up for set pieces.


9. FUT chemistry (individual player chemistry and team chemistry) explained in detail and made more transparent. It should be shown in-game exactly how much chemistry increases player stats. Chemistry styles should show what stats it effect and how much. Example: 70 interceptions (+3 interception chemistry boost).


10. On the EA Official Site every player stat should be explained in detail; what they mean and what they do in practice. This will be especially useful to new players.


11. After a match has been played, it should be possible to save that particular match and rewatch it later, mainly for educational purposes. You could show it to a community such as r/fifa and ask for gameplay advice or simply watch it yourself and reflect on mistakes.


12. Spectating. I cannot believe after all these years, you still can't spectate other people playing, and with the recent announcment from EA about going serious into eSports, this HAS to happen.


13. Dedicated servers for all matches. Lag is a huge issue and ruins matches more than anything else. This would be solved with dedicated servers for all matches.


14. FUT co-op. You start a team with a friend, just like co-op seasons, and you both have access to the club and can build your dream team together. And obviously, you can only play matches if there's two of you.


15. Goal anthems and announcer/crowd shouting player names in H2H seasons and maybe FUT as well through some club customization feature. For example, this should be played right after FC Bayern scores a goal. Announcer and crowd shouting player name after goal should also be in-game.