FIFA 17 Spooky in the Centre/Spider's Web Squad Builder

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In order to celebrate Halloween, EA has revealed four new challenges for the Ultimate Scream event. After completing the challenges, you can obtain the special rewards. Here in this page, let's take a look at Spooky in the Centre and Spider's Web Challenges.


Spooky in the Centre

This challenge is aimed to exchange a squad with 1 Ultimate Scream items to earn an untradeable CB Mario Gaspar. For the requirements of the challenge, you need 1 Ultimate Scream players from 11 players. And the squad needs to reach at least 76 team rating with at least 65 chemistry.


FIFA 17 Spooky in the Centre


Spider's Web

The challenge requires 9 players of the squad from 3 different leagues from 5 nations. Meanwhile, maximum 5 players from the same league and at least 8 gold players. The squad is to reach minimum 84 chemistry. After finishing the challenge, you are able to get a skeleton kit.


FIFA 17 Spider's web SBC


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