FIFA 17 Scoop Turn and Fake Shot Turn Tips

fut16coin Date: Nov/02/16 11:04:10 Views: 66

There might be some unpractical skill moves in FIFA 17, so here are some effective tips to help you use scoop and fake shot turns.


Scoop Turn

The scoop turn is fantastic because it quickly opens up space whether in the midfield, near the opponents' box, or inside it. The scoop turn requires you to have at least 4 star skills, which allows you to change direction extremely quickly, and can be used effectively across the entire patch. Here are some tips to use it effectively. 


First, most players want to rotate their stick to do quarter circle rotations, half circle, three quarter, etc. It relies on where you want to change direction to, and where your player is with the ball currently. It's important to use this technique because you don't want to do the wrong skill move, lose the ball, and get counter attacked to oblivion. 


Second, you should remember that try not to be moving too quickly at the start of the skill move. If your speed is too high, quickly trap the ball (L2/LT) to slow down, and then do your scoop. Don't hold L2/LT though, you want to tap it. If you hold it and do the scoop, you'll do a different skill move. You can also use the scoop turn to open midfield space and take long shots. However, you scoop turn doesn't work always. 


Fake Shot Turn

It's easy to do with players. The function of this skill move is to open up space and the opponents have no chance to dribble with. Here are some efective ways to do the skill.


First, power up your shot, then cancel it by pressing one of your pass buttons. While cancelling, move the left stick in a different direction and voila, you've successfully pulled off the fake shot turn. Most players use a fake shot turn at long range to make you think they're going for the long shot. Athough there is nothing wrong, don't expect a high rate of success.


Second, when you're passing forward, then wait  at the edge of the box (sometimes slightly in it). Be patient, switch to the right player, and do the right tackle, make a fake shot turn for the easy goal.


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