FIFA 17 New Marquee Matchups SBC

fut16coin Date: Nov/24/16 22:25:41 Views: 46

For this time, new Marquee Matchups squad building challenges are live. You are to finish challenges with clubs from this week's key matchups before time expires (3 days). This challenges include 4 challenges, which are Chelsea v Spurs, Heerenveen v Ajax, Racing Club v Independiente and Toronto FC v Montreal Impact. Once you've completed all challenges, you are able to get Premium Gold Jumbo Pack x 1.


Challenge 1: Chelsea v Spurs

Rewards: Two Rare Gold Players Pack x 1

This challenge requires you 6 gold players in the squad, among the squad there are at least 1 Chelsea Players and 1 Tottenham Hotspur Players. The squad is to reach at least 55 chemistry.


FIFA 17 Chelsea v Spurs squad


Challenge 2: Heerenveen v Ajax

Rewards: Gold Players Pack x 1

For this challenge, you need at least 1 SC Heerenveen Players and Ajax Players separately among 11 players. The squad is aimed to reach minimum 75 team rating and chemistry repectively. 


FIFA 17 Heerenveen v Ajax squad


Challenge 3: Racing Club v Independiente

Rewards: Gold Players Pack x 1

In order to complete the challenge, you shall get exact 11 Argentina Players in the squad, where there are at least 1 players from Racing Club and Independiente separately. The squad should be reached minimum 77 team rating with minimum 90 chemistry. 


FIFA 17 Racing Club v Independiente


Challenge 4: Toronto FC v Montreal Impact

Rewards: Silver Players Pack x 1 and 1,000 Coins

It requires you exactly 11 Major League Soccer Players, with at least 1 players from Toronto FC and at least 1 players from Montreal Impact. The squad should be reached 80 chemistry.


FIFA 17 Toronto FC v Montreal Impact squad


You can take above as examples and have a try. Hope you complete the challenges as soon as possible. By the way, BF is coming for you guys. We have a big promotion for you guys. The coupon code "BFFUT" gives you 5% off to let you get cheapest FIFA 17 coins.