FIFA 17 Marc Overmars Squad Builder Challenges

fut16coin Date: Nov/01/16 11:47:22 Views: 21

Now new FIFA 17 Overmars squad building challenges are live. This challenges consist of Eredivisie, Arsenal, LaLiga Santander and Netherlands. Once you've completed the challenges, you will get Prime Gold Players Pack x 1, that is 88 rated Marc Overmars.


Challenge 1: Eredivisie

For the challenge, among 11 Eredivisie Players, there must be at least 2 Go Ahead Eagles Players and Willem II Players respectively, and 5 Ajax Players. Then the chemistry must be reached 100. The reward is Premium Gold Jumbo Pack x 1.


FIFA 17 Eredivisie squad builder


Challenge 2: Arsenal

The challenge is to exchange a mix of players with at least Arsenal players. At least 5 players from the same league & players are from 6 different nations. The squad is aimed to reach at least 79 team rating and 100 chemistry.


FIFA 17 Arsenal squad builder


Challenge 3: LaLiga Santander

Among 11 LaLiga Santander gold players, you need minimum 3 FC Barcelona Players, max 5 players from the same nation to reach 100 chemistry. After finishing the challenge, you will gain Gold Players Premium Pack x 1.


FIFA 17 LaLiga Santander squad builder


Challenge 4: Netherlands

To complete the challenge, you need 11 Netherlands players from 3 different leagues to reach the minimum 77 team rating and 100 chemistry. You will get Gold Players Premium Pack x 1 as reward.


FIFA 17 Netherlands squad builder


Hope you can enjoy the challenges. Some players suggested to sell players rather than to complete the challenges. What is your thought? Our Halloween promotion is over, but you can still get the cheapest FIFA 17 coins here. And also if you get any questions, connect us on live chat!