FIFA 17 Halloween Promotions Guide

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Halloween festival is coming, so this is also a big event for FIFA 17. In this festival, promotions are given. There may be multiple FUT packs, a new featured tournament and daily gifts during this period. In this page, the details about Halloween promotions will be talked about.


The Halloween Promotion started in FIFA 16 and it was popular, so this year for FIFA 17, the promotion is set on 30 October (Sunday) to 1 November 2016 (Tuesday). Of course, we do not know the FIFA 17 Halloween offers, we just know the FIFA 16 Halloween offers:


  • Daily gifts available on the Companion and Web App
  • 'Monster's Ball' Featured Tournament 
  • 25k Premium Gold Players packs &15k Premium Gold Jumbo packs


Above mentioned offers are reference to guess the FIFA 17 Halloween offers. If the offers are officially released, we'll let you know. During the promotion, it's still a good chance to make FIFA 17 coins even if the players' price slightly decrease, but the market keeps its track. 


You must get questions about this promotions, here are frequently asked questions:

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 Halloween?

A: No, it is highly unlikely. However, Daily Gifts will be available during the event to be redeemed in the Companion and Web App.


Q: Is that last year Halloween Promotions were also available for FIFA mobile?

A: Yes, it is. However, the promotions were not the same ones of the consoles. For Android and iOS devices, EA released Halloween cards called 'Most Feared' to players with at least a 90 in-game strength rating.


Q: Which Happy Hours can we expect on these days?

A: Not good ones, because happy hours are still in an early stage in this time of the season.


Q: Is FIFA 17 Halloween only a day?

A: No. It starts one day before the waited night and it ends one day after.


However, there are still several days away FIFA 17 Halloween promotions. At that time, not only you can enjoy the game, but also the interesting costumes. Do you need coins for your wanted players? If not having enough coins, you can connect us and then we provide you the cheapest FIFA 17 coins! So pay attention to us!