FIFA 17 Guide to Defend, Attack and Score Goals

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FIFA 17 now is released and gains a big hit. Most players must think how to win and how to play in FIFA 17. Today a guide is given to instruct you to defend, attack and win scores.




1. The most important is to remember that blocking routes of attack is more effective than rushing towards an opponent and trying to muscle them off the ball. At the same time, figuring out the route that rival players run is also a must.


2. As your opponent nears your goal and you have more than one player back to defend their attacking opportunity, it's best if you switch to a player who isn't marking the player on the ball, hold R1/RB in order to have that player apply more pressure to their opponent. Meanwhile, holding L2/left trigger to ensure that there are two players now applying pressure and trying to force a mistake. The L2/left trigger would be usful in various situations.




It's the best attcking is the best defense. Smart build-up play is the aim of the game in FIFA 17, and in order to progress towards a strong attack you'll need to ensure your passing is up to score. In FIFA 17 you'll be looking to open your opposition up by way of passing in shapes, utilising the newly improved teammate AI to orchestrate runs by way of close, swift passes between 2 or 3 players, waiting for your teammate to run into space and then progressing up the pitch that way. The key to success is to breaking down your opposition by way of spreading players across the pitch. 


You have to do two things to maintain possession - pass into space, and keep your back to your opponent when challenged. The former requires you to look around for an unmarked player and give them the ball, as this will typically lead to your AI teammate going on to making a run and helping continue your attack. As for the latter, it's best to put some space between you and them by way of pressing L2/left trigger, which will force your back against their body and prevent them from taking the ball away from you. Short passes to begin your build-up play, force yourself between your opponent and the ball when challenged.


Wining scores

In FIFA 17, a few new powerful techniques (listed below with details) are introduced to ensure that your intelligent attacking play is rewarded more often than not.


  • Long shots: Long shots are a potent method of goal-scoring, though there will be less opportunity for you to employ them in FIFA 17. Now AI is more eager to challenge you for possession this time around, you're less likely to be able to garner yourself a clear shot on goal from a distance, so you should attempt these shots sparingly.
  • Weak foot: If you're positioned on your weak foot, then finesse shots are the way to go. Finesse shots will require you to aim your shot more carefully with the analog stick, pointing it in the direction of the corner of the goal you're aiming for rather than slightly tapping to the right/left and hoping for the best. 
  • Strong foot: If you're positioned inside or just outside the box and are on your strong foot, then driven shots should be your go-to method of goal-scoring. Driven shots are performed by way of tapping the circle/B button twice - first to power up your shot, second to make it glide powerfully along the pitch. Driven shots can successfully evade tall goalkeepers, launching the ball into the bottom corners of the net if performed correctly. 


If you get another better ideas to defend, attack or scores, you can share your ideas with us. Leave the comment, gain the discount for cheap FIFA 17 coins!