FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC Calendar Day 23

fut16coin Date: Dec/22/16 21:27:25 Views: 59

FIFA 17 FUTmas squad builder challenges for day 23 are live! Complete the challenges to get special and untradeable FUTmas SBC cards - Arturo Vidal, Dani Alves and Emre Can. We are sorry not to update FUTmas day 22. You guys must have completed the challenges. Let's get today's squad builders.


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Arturo Vidal

Reward: a special and untradeable SBC Arturo Vidal

Requirements: 11 Bundesliga Players, 1 TOTW player, 10 rare players, 1 Chile Player, at least 87 team rating and 100 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Arturo Vidal


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Dani Alves

Reward: a special and untradeable SBC Dani Alves

Requirements: 11 players, at least 86 team rating and 75 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Dani Alves


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Emre Can

Reward: a special and untradeable SBC Emre Can

Requirements: 11 players, 85 team rating at least, 75 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Emre Can


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