FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC Calendar Day 20

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Now new FUTmas squad builder challenges are live. Complete the challenges, you are able to get three special FUTmas cards, which are Dele Alli, Layvin Kurzawa and Juanfran (untradeable). Let's see the examples below.


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Dele Alli

Reward: a special SBC Dele Alli (untradeable)

Requirements: 11 players, at least 1 scream players, at least 75 chemistry and 85 team rating.


FUTmas SBC Dele Alli


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Layvin Kurzawa

Reward: a special SBC Layvin Kurzawa (untradeable)

Requirements: 11 gold players, 1 TOTW + Movember players, 10 rare players, at least 75 chemistry.


FUTmas SBC Layvin Kurzawa


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC - Juanfran

Reward: a special SBC Juanfran (untradeable)

Requirements: 11 players, at least 2 TOTW + Movember players, minimum 75 chemistry and minimum 84 team rating.


FUTmas SBC Juanfran


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