FIFA 17 Finishing Tutorial: How to Score

fut16coin Date: Nov/01/16 01:28:38 Views: 25

The fun of playing the game is to enjoy the process of playing to the top. So scoring is the one of the important things. In this article, effective ways to finish in the game are given, including the driven shot and finesse.


The first way to finish is to use the new Driven Shot. Shoot across the keeper by powering the shot bar to roughly 3 bars and then quickly tap the shot button. Whilst you are performing this, aim with the left analog stick across the keeper. In order to perform a driven shot first get yourself into a good scoring position somewhere in the 18-yard box. From here, you want to power your shot up as much as possible by holding the Circle or B button depending what console you're on. Then, just as you see your player about to hit the ball, hit the Circle/B button again to perform the driven shot. Aim as you normally would, but ideally, you'll want to go for the corners to put it out of reach of the keeper. You should remember that the more power, the more unstoppable the shot will be. 


The second way to finish in this game is to finesse with your player just outside the box with his stronger foot. To perform this, firstly you must know what his preferred foot is. Press the left analog stick down on the squad screen to find this. To perform the finesse shot, power your player up with the shot button with about 3-3.5 bars. While doing this hold R1 or the Right bumper on Xbox. The main trick with the finesse shot is to make sure you get the amount of power on the shot right depending on where you want the ball to go. The more you try finesse shots, the easier you'll find it to put them into the back of the net. 


At the same time, you should be patient. And proper practice is also important! 


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