FIFA 17 Bronze Packing Method for PC Users

fut16coin Date: Nov/11/16 11:43:03 Views: 31

There are always discussions about whether Bronze Packing is worth or not. So for PC users, here are ways to let you make profit in bronze packs. 


First basic thing is to know the face value of a bronze pack. If you buy a bronze pack for 400 coins, of course, you can sell for more than 400 coins. For most game players, it is impossible to play the actual game of FIFA or to invest in anything else for days. So the fluctuatuon in your coin count was purely based on what bronze packs did for you, and over a big sample size, without fail, your coin count would rise. Squad fitness cards and injury cards give marvelous profits, and many players sell either for 200 or up to 3-4k coins, with the occasional lucky outlier that goes for up to 10k depending on the sbc's available and how badly the buyer wants to finish it. Of course, the packs you expect sometimes don't give you anything. It is just possibilites.


Second, there is great value hidden rare gold and non-rare gold cards. Although you can auto-apply the contracts while doing something else it still is time consuming and requires you to bronze pack a lot. It's very tedious to apply single bronze contracts to your players, selling every gold and silver contract in your club will make it less tedious. 


Third, employees can also help you gain bonus percentages in your club even if it's not important to say.


Last part is about Squad Building Challenges. You might have many worthless players. Whenever EA release new SBCs some of those will either instantly sell for 400-600 coins or maybe even go for thousands. But sometimes, what comes from packs can be valuable, further raising the average pack's expected value over 400 coins. It is evident that players from La Liga, MLS or EPL can be sold for a profit. For those silver players from those leagues, you can write down their names and look at their market value. Even if they are untradeable now, you still have these silver players and don't have to buy. You can also get coins or player packs when you complete SBC. 


Now for silver players, you can make use of to upgrade your SBC. Here is a formula: 

11 Bronzes = 2 Silvers

11x11 Bronzes = 2x11 Silvers

121 Bronzes = 22 Silvers

121 Bronzes = 22 Silvers = 6 non rare golds.

121x11 Bronzes = 22x11 Silvers = 6x 11 non rare golds

1331 Bronzes = 242 Silvers = 66 Non rare golds = 12 Rare golds.


Hope the method can be a little helpful for you. So if you want cheap FIFA 17 coins, you can get from our website and also we will provide you latest news or give you some guides.