FIFA 17 Blaise Matuidi Squad Builder Challenge

fut16coin Date: Nov/21/16 22:12:22 Views: 34

Do you like to complete the challenges? The new Blaise Matuidi is live. If you complete the challenge, you can earn a 87 rated Blaise Matuidi Movember Item on Loan (20 matches). And also you can earn Two Rare Gold Players Pack x 1.


For the challenge, you need to meet requirements. You need at least 5 France players among 11 Ligue 1 gold  players, with minimum 4 rare players. The minimum chemistry should be reached 95. Let's take some examples as reference.


FIFA 17 Blaise Matuidi Squad 1


FIFA 17 Blaise Matuidi Squad 2


For the example 2, you must get loyalty to get the exact chemistry. Have you completed the challenge? Have you got a Blaise Matuidi Movember Item? If not, just finish it to get, that's ok. Black Friday is nearing, so do you take into good consideration of which players to invest in ? Time is crucial, some people can make amounts of FIFA 17 coins, you'd better grab the chance or lose.