FIFA 17 Arcade Elements

fut16coin Date: Feb/02/16 15:10:15 Views: 24

FIFA 16 was the best-selling game of 2015, despite stiff competition from a much improved Pro Evolution – what improvements or additions could be made to the FIFA 17 when it reaches us? We also look at the partners which could link to the game.


FIFA every year brings great new additions such as the spray that was introduced. But what about other additions that are perhaps a little out of the ordinary? What about a way to design your own kit and follow the dream that most boys have when following football. If your favourite defender a bit lumbering then why not have the option to tweak their speed? The great aspect of FIFA is that all the players are aligned with real life game physics but it could be neat to have a more arcade aspect to the game.


Managers are featured in FIFA 16 but the next step for the series is to seriously invest in featuring managers on the touchline. How cool would it be to see Klopp or Van Gaal clutching his notepad in FIFA 17! Maybe see Ryan Giggs sitting there saying nothing or even Martin O’Neil legging it down the touchline if Ireland score within the International aspect of FIFA. The issue of managers featuring would be difficult to pull off in respect of licensing but it would be amazing if online updates could keep up with the ever changing managerial merry go round that exist in football.


As FIFA is hyper-realistic, playing the game fuels your desire to maintain your interest in the Premier League. Why not see if the tips and tricks of the game in FIFA can be carried out in real life and you can do this with Coral. Coral is not simply a football based site as you can focus on film, games and is also a Casino Games Site. As a result you can complement your FIFA play with up to date Premiership news.


It would also be neat to see flares being released in the crowd and thrown onto the pitch as well as glitches on advertising hoardings and over sensitive stewarding. Other ideas could be the crowd leaving after 85 minutes if their team was comfortably winning! There are so many great ideas out there on the internet to add to this so let’s hope that FIFA 17 maintains its winning position in the charts but also continues to please and entertain the fans who purchase it every year.