FIFA 16 vs Pro Evo 2016: Which game has the edge?

fut16coin Date: Jun/05/15 20:44:03 Views: 21

Like the eternal struggle between Arsenal and Tottenham, or between top teams and the financial fair play regulations, FIFA and Pro Evo have been continuously locked in a battle to be the best, most played football sim.


At first, it all went FIFA's way, but after Konami's ISS emerged, it hasn't all been plain sailing for EA. Pro Evolution Soccer ruled the PS2 er, with superior gameplay making it the football sim of the second gen.


Despite having all the player names and teams, it's FIFA's massive gameplay overhaul that has made it the gamer's choice for the last few bouts – although Konami has closed the gap once again in the last year. FIFA is still the fully licensed powerhouse it's always been – but now Pro Evo's gripping gameplay and upgraded graphics make it stronger than ever.


Come September, it's all going to kick off again. First details for both titles are starting to emerge: FIFA 16 should bring even more to the pitch, but will it be enough to stop the slow re-emergence of Pro Evo? Let's take an educated guess, like a studio pundit before the advert break.